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Wheeeeee Update time!!!

So October is gone and November is here...

One the 5th of October, Mum & I got invited to go to Nottingham to see the one and only Donny Osmond on part of his "In It For Love 2005 Tour". It was a rush to get finished at work and make it back in time for the ride to Nottingham, but we managed it, and it was a wonderful night! We bought an official programme and a Donny scarf (which my Mum stole to wave above her head throughout the show). The person who drove us there bought me a Donny keyring too.

The set was great, he did a wide range of songs, ranging from his new material, to early Osmond Brothers material, some from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, some broadway classics. He did a lot of dancing, and the interaction with the crowd was amazing!!

On the 8th of October, we went down to the Village Hall for a charity event named "For Rock's Sake" in aid of British Red Cross. Rob Benson and Lebonese Georgie were playing, so it was obvious that I had to go!! I <3 my guys!! The show was great, a good mix of T-Rex, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, John Lennon, Guns n' Roses and probably some others as well. And as always I got my hugs and kisses from the boys, I swear Georgie gets sexier everytime I see him!!

On October 21st I went to see FOZZY at the Charlotte in Leicester. I had to catch the bus to Sleaford, then the train to Nottingham, then change there and get a train to Leicester. I got lost completely in Leicester, it took me forever to find the Charlotte >.< I had to ask about 20 people for directions at least! But eventually I found it and got to wait in the cold for like an hour before we got to go in. I'm not sure if there was a cloakroom - if there was I certainly didn't find it! So I had to carry my heavy luggage bag on my shoulder all night and it killed x.x

But the show was rocking! A nice mix of songs from all 3 albums. I was worried they weren't going to do "To Kill A Stranger" but they did it during the encore YAY! I really love Fozzy shows, they really get the crowd involved! And Rich Ward crowd surfed while playing guitar! He rules!!! Speaking of which, incase you haven't heard already I MET RICH WARD AFTER THE SHOW!!! I got to talk to him and have my photo taken with him and get a hug and also got his autograph yay!!

After the show I got lost AGAIN! And had some really nice people show me back to the station, from there I had to catch a train back to Nottingham, but then there was like a 6-7 hour wait, so I stayed at a B&B just 2 minutes from the station - if that! I stayed in a single room with a shower, it was a quite nice room, plenty of space for what it was!! There was a tv (which I didn't use since I didn't get there til gone 2am) and a kettle, with free sachets of tea, coffee, white sugar, brown sugar, milk and coffee whitener. The bed was pretty comfy, but the room was a little too hot! But it was somewhere safe to sleep! Though I don't know why I paid extra for a shower coz there was no hot water >.< so I had to boil the kettle and fill the sink to wash. But apart from tat it was okay. Breakfast was included in the price, but I skipped it to catch my train.

Once back in Sleaford, I had to do the shopping with Mum LOL! I was knackered when I got home!!

Well that's my gigs updated, I already uploaded my Fozzy photos, so I will leave you with KITTY PHOTOS!!!

^ Charlie

^ Tandy

^ Tandy again

^ My Babies

^ My Babies again

^ And again ^^


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