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An Update! Wooooo!

Wow O.o I've really neglected this thing lately...My bad!

So...what's been happening with me? Not all that much really...What a busy life I lead lol. Although I have made some great new friends through my RPG Shiva_Dancing I love them all!!! But don't worry, I love you all too!!!

My baby kitties should be old enough to get next weekend!!! I can't believe it's been 15 months since Salem died! I'm getting two kittens from a local farmer, so they can play and grow together! I can't wait to go pick them! Although they'll be little handfuls of trouble >.< and I'll probably have to get up earlier in a morning...I hate mornings!

If you haven't already done so - Go out and buy "MY KUNG FU IS GOOD" by THE DUKE!!! It is really amazing! Even if you're not a fan of the Duke you'll still love it!!! The lyrics are ace, full of emotion and feeling and the music is just amazing! Everybody should own a copy! Rich has done an excellent job on it! AND HE MENTIONED ME IN THE LINER NOTES!!! Yes! If you read the little booklet that comes with it...Under The Duke Family I AM MENTIONED! <---- My claim to fame! *fan girlie moment* I'm done!

I have discovered a new obsession...Final Fantasy Yaoi...Yes it is true...I am addicted...So anyone feeling kind who would like to buy me doujinshis for my 21st Birthday (Sept 22) is more than welcome to! *g*

*pout* I've been suffering nose bleeds again...I think my BP is up again, stupid BP...Especially since I have to go see my weight specialist again soon...I'm sure I've gained weight again...I will be pretty one day dammit!!!

Love you all! Remember if you want to get hold of me, I'm on AIM like...most the time. Reach me at RaynebowRanger ^_^ *hugs*


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