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Being sick officially sucks ass >.< especially when all I want to do is crawl into bed and mewl painfully but have to got to work! Monday and Tuesday Julie was off again, so I had the whole lot to do, not fun when you feel like being sick. Mum gave me alka seltza (sp?) yesterday to try and ease my stomach and OMG I have never felt so sick in my life!!

I seriously thought I was having a heart attack last night, my chest really hurt and I had pain all down one side of my body. Part of me was afraid to go to sleep - silly as that sounds.

But on a good note I FOUND ALL 99 PUPPIES OMG YAY!! And I found all Trinity Marks and defeated the Hades Cup first go! I feel proud! It might not be much of an achievement to some, but I feel really proud of myself because I suck at video games.

And WTF Cloud stop protecting Leon's ass! ONE BAR!! One health bar he had for like TEN MINUTES because you wouldn't let me finish him off! You and your silly Sonic moves! Pft! Showed you xP - Okay... I'm done now... honest.

Cat, Riri? Tag at SD for Zell and Seifer! Squall still wants coffee and pickles!
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Kingdom Hearts has eaten my ability to use a PS2 controller! I started playing FF7 again today - no real reason why, other than I like it and OMG I kept trying to use the analogue stick and perform actions with the triangle button!

In other gaming news an online game called Mob Life is consuming my life - it has almost zil graphics and is mainly clicking on buttons, but it's still fun! I keep getting arrested though.

Shiva Dancing is becoming active again, which makes me a happy bunny - I swear that place is like a cat with 9 lives! Seriously! I'm pretty pleased it didn't die though, since it'll be two this June! My little baby all grown up!!

Still in two minds whether to apply for Sanz. I would like to, but at the same time I'm worried I might not fit in, especially since everyone there is top class and I'm an okay RPer at best! And I'd probably be drawn to a more Leonesque Squally than and Squally Squally and since Riyu played Leon, I wouldn't want to hurt that memory for anyone, you know?

It's nice to see some new people have joined [livejournal.com profile] sharedapaopu that makes me happy to see ^_^ But more people should come join and claim peoplessss and more people should join my Blog Crew because that would make me happier!
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Meh I am feeling so blegh right now. I have a pain down my left side and it really hurts >.< Yet I can't seem to make out whether it's my kidney or my ovary or something completely different - all I know is that it hurts.

I felt really down last night, still do this morning - perhaps it's all the totally unnecessary drama people feel they need to bring into a RP with them - a total pet peeve of mine OOC should be kept out of the game. But whatever!

Speaking of roleplaying, a host of pretty popular people (Aerith/Cid/Yazoo/Mickey/Garnet/Wakka/Seymour/Selphie - to name a few) are available over at Shiva Dancing it's just beginning to pick up after the Christmas silent period, and is really friendly and pretty low pressure. So yeah, um? Check us out? I'd love you forever!

I am never going to complete Jiminy's Journal on KH2 - I so cannot beat Sephiroth - kudos to those who can! And the Twightlight Town mini-games FTW I so can't do the poster one, bee one and junk one >.
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I was bored waiting for staff to get to work so I could LEAVE, so I started thinking about questions about Kingdom Hearts – so um yeah, questions, fill in?

Yay 45 randon questions!! )

Will post my answers shortly!

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I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog crew (even though I have no idea what I'm doing! LOL!) So, um yeah... claim? join? whatever!

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Well! I think I should post about my Christmas sometime now... where to start...

Well Friday morning we finished off the last of the Christmas shopping, then in the evening we went to the Village pantomime, which was quite funny. I didn't stay at the pub afterwards, didn't feel much like it!

Sunday, we went to my Nan's for Christmas Eve tea - beef cobs and nibbles! My uncle Roger and his partner Barbara came over and brought me a christmas present - despite being told not to buy me one back! My auntie Jean and uncle Ray were also there and they too bought me a present!!

James and Dawn arrived later Christmas Eve, they brought Willis with them and a huge bag of presents! They joined Mum and Dad at the pub but came back earlier than the 'rents. After everyone had gone to bed, I made sure Santa had put all the presents out, before going to bed on the sofa.

Christmas morning I got up at 7:30am, and laid the selection boxes and stockings on the sofas. I then went and made the smoked salmon nibbles and brought the bucks fizz and James'non-alcoholic blue champagne. Then came the long bit of waiting for everyone else to get up.

Once everyone was up and loaded with drinks and nibbles, we dived into the presents!
presents )

After the presents, we got ready to go to the pub for Dinner with Nan, Jean and Ray. It was a nice 4 course meal, good company, good food.

In the evening we had family time, and then James, Dawn and I played Trivial Pursuit.

Boxing Day, we all went to Nan's again for a big family get together! Then played more games at night.

James and Dawn left Thursday to go back home. Today I went to the hospital >.< I hate the hospital. I've lost 8lb since my last check up, and I had to go have blood tests to check my tablets aren't affecting my kidneys or liver since they're still experimental.

About 6 hours in KH2 - I think it's helping me to mourn. I know Riyu is still there with all of us! My heart goes out to Yuki, Suki and Kham and all those who were close to him. God knows what they're going through. It's still pretty unreal to say the least. But as I've said before, and will probably say a million more times as I mourn - Riyu will never truly be gone because Sora = Riyu = Sora. I did a little sketch last night for him, but it's not very good, so I probably won't post it. Kham allowed me to use his banner of Riyu, which is incredibly kind! It's on my profile!
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I know people on my f-list are probably sick of hearing me whine and emo, so I apologise. However, I am finding Riyu's death pretty hard to deal with at the moment. I know there are people hurting far more than me and I wish I could comfort them.

I really want a fanart of Sora holding out a paopu fruit to Riku, but I'm no where near good enough a drawer to really capture what I want it to.

I'm going to restart KH2 I think. Especially since Mum and Dad are out, so I can have a little cry and everything!

Sometime I will update about Christmas and the good stuff, but it doesn't seem right to write about it when I'm mourning.

Mum is giving me two weeks to mourn, then if I'm still upset she'll take away my tablets, since a side effect is depression. I don't think she realises just how wonderful Riyu was and how many lives he touched, or else she wouldn't expect me to just forget and move on.
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Subject: Riku
Amount added this post: 100
Total completed: 100
Notes: SPOILER WARNING!! Some icons show KH2!Riku so if you haven't seen him in his KH2 form and don't wish to, best to avoid them. Slight hints of Riku/Sora.

Please comment and credit either [livejournal.com profile] darkranger or raynebowranger @ GJ if using. Textless are NOT bases.


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