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It’s been a long time since I wrote a proper update, so I’m going to try and mention everything that’s been going on.


It’s been nine and a half weeks since Jack died and it’s still really hard to deal with. It’s also the longest we’ve ever gone without a dog in the house. We managed about a week after Shelley died before we got Mistie, and then we had Queenie and Libby while we had Mistie, so we had at least one dog around until Libby died, and then we managed a month before we went out and got Jack. It’s really weird being in a dogless house. I don’t like it. We’ll be getting a puppy as soon as my mum gets her share of money from my uncle’s will.

I had a photo book done for Jack. I was offered a free 20 page book with shutterfly.com for signing up to some familylink thing (which I think I signed up for through FB? I have no idea) but anyway, they offered me a free book (only P&P to pay) so I got one done for Jack. It’s really nice, apart from my stupid error which neither Mum or I picked up on during proofreading.

I also got his medical records from the vets. They thought I was kinda weird for asking for them and they were quite suspicious too, since they only usually send them to other practises if owners change vets. I was just curious. It was quite an interesting read.

The major thing that’s been going on lately if my health. It’s been deteriorating quite badly, so during the last school holiday my Mum dragged me to the doctor’s to try and find out what’s going on with me. He guessed pretty instantly that it’s mostly down to my weight (which is what I suspected before I even went), but instead of just telling me to lose weight and sending me on my way, he was really good about things and talked things through with me.

He sent me for a whole bunch of blood tests. My cholesterol is amazing. He was really shocked by it – 3.8 I think he said. My potassium levels are good. My kidney functions are okay, but my liver is suffering. I also have extreme levels of male hormone. He thinks my thyroid is to blame and he’s also sending me for scans of my ovaries since I may have PCOS.

Both things combined are a very good reason why I can’t seem to shift weight despite a great diet. I know I don’t do enough exercise, but I’ve been working on increasing that with gardening more and helping around the house more. Exercise is kinda catch 22 though, since because I am so big it hurts to exercise, but by not exercising I become bigger and thus the cycle continues.

We also discussed the possibility of surgery. It’d take a lot of tests and fussing about since the NHS don’t like doing the operation unless they have to because it’s expensive; but because my BMI is over 50 there’s a good chance I can get surgery eventually.

So what else has been going on? Well… I fell in love with Heavy Rain. It’s just amazing. Haven’t played video games in a few weeks though, so I totally need to get back into them. FFXIII won’t finish itself.

All my television shows are ending. It’s pretty sad. I don’t know what I’ll watch soon. The last ever Ashes to Ashes is on Friday and the last ever Lost is next Friday. The Final of Over The Rainbow is on Saturday and the current series of Shameless is finished (I think).

And last, but not least, I have a new phone. It’s an Alcatel OT-708. It’s shiny. Still getting used to it, but my Samsung died. It got a white screen of death which is apparently really common with them and they can be fixed but they usually do the same thing within a few months, so it’s going in Dylan’s toybox instead. So, my new number is +447971086169. So if you want, leave your numbers here so I can update my contacts? Comments are screened!
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So, on Tuesday 22nd I shall be a whole quarter of a century old. It's quite scary to think just how little I have done with my life, yet at the same time I know that I am the only one who can change it's direction, and even though I have no money and a crap job, I'm happy. My mum is always saying how can I be happy always stuck at home with no social life outside of the internet and no proper career, but I am. I love spending time with mum, and I have all my online friends and I have Gina ♥.

Speaking of Gina, her birthday gift for me came today and I had to put it on the shelf until Tuesday - It's a slow torture, I want to open it. But, at the same time I'm glad I've been forced to wait since it is probably the only gift I've got.

Mum is making me a cake, and she says I can order myself a game or something on Tuesday when her money goes into her account, I just won't have it on my actual birthday. But it's the thought that counts!

In other news, was off work Thursday and Friday with sickness, beginning to get over it now though, but my stomach is still very tender and not liking a whole lot of food.

Been having a blast in the roleplays I'm in. My baby [livejournal.com profile] shiva_dancing finally got End-Game underway and I'm really pleased with the turn out. A few people didn't join in, but a lot of the members did. So, yay for group events! I'm also having great fun at [livejournal.com profile] timeandtides, the cast is so friendly and a lot of fun! So, yay roleplay!

Also been trying to get a higher ranking for my Pin Mastery in TWEWY. I'm still at a rank D, so I stole the spare DS to mingle with, printed me off a guide and aim to get higher!
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So, what's been going on in the land of Krissy? Well, Mum and I went out on Tuesday as planned - although the day didn't go quite as planned. It was wet and raining, and the time just flew by. We were rushing about rather than having a relaxing time. We nipped in Woolworths because I wanted some pretty paper for letter writing, and their selection sucked and was expensive ._. so no paper for me! But I checked out the DS games and saw Drawn to Life for just over £10 and FFXII:RW for £19.99 - Mum told me I could have one of them as my Birthday gift so I picked FFXII:RW, went to queue up and OMG Woolworths is the slowest place in the UNIVERSE There was one person in front of me, and two already at the check out, and I was there for like 10 minutes, the bus was due any second, so I told mum to hove it back on the shelve and walked out. I checked Amazon when I got home, and got a brand new sealed copy for £8.50 plus p&p - it came to just over £10 in total. Yay! I also received my missing birthday cards on uesday, so I felt a little happier.

On Friday, I had to go to the school celebration assembly to get a Headteacher's Award in front of all the kids and parents for the work I've put in lately for the fire safety stuff >.< embarrassing!

Went to Biggleswade today to meet my nephew for the first time. He is the most adorable thing in the world. I had lots of cuddles, it was a little weird, I'm not used to holding babies. He has a really strong grip and strong legs already. We took his gifts, some baby grows, a play nest and Percy Bear. He's still a bit young to really want toys though. Mum and I travelled up on the trains, and stayed the day, I came back this afternoon, but she's not back until next weekend!! Dunno how I'll cope a week alone with Dad lol.

We all went to the market and met up with my cousin Duncan, his wife Tish, and their little daughter Josephine. We had coffees and chatted awhile. Then Mum and I browsed the market stalls and charity shop. James, Dawn, Dylan, Mum and I then went to the park, we adults had a sausage roll and custard tart, Dylan just slept happily. He was still asleep when we got back to the house, so I got more cuddles with him while he was sleeping.

Got back a few hours ago, and had to walk the dog and cook for me and Dad. Have to cook a roast tomorrow, not looking forward to that since our oven is on it's last legs and only sometimes cooks >.< stupid thing!
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Another update about Jack. He's had another bunch of check ups at the vets and in himself he's about better - he's got his attitude back and his naughtiness back. But he still has the gaping hole in his face where the drain was - and this is where we run into a few problems. The vet had hoped that the hole would heal up itself - but we're not too sure whether that will happen since his saliva gland has started working again and the saliva is coming OUT OF THE HOLE. So it's constantly wet and dripping and instead of healing there is a chance the gland and the wound can fuse to make a perminant hole! (It has a techincal name but I don't remember it). The vet says it's just a mattr of waiting and seeing what happens before deciding where to go next. She may need to reoperate which she doesn't really want to do because it'll be hard due to all the scar tissue there. The hole may still heal itself. Or there may just be a hole there orever providing it's not too messy. I really hope it heals up though!

In other news... I twisted my knee on the Wii Fit. It hurt. Go me! It's a fun little thing - but I'm a bit pissed off because before I bought it, I checked around for a max. weight on it and couldn't find anything, but when it arrived I'm actually too heavy for it (Yes, I'm THAT heavy), and it kept switching itself off when I stood on it - Nothing like having a piece of machinery tell you you're a fat cow! But we found a way around it >.> to um... cheat the machine into thinking I'm lighter - because the only reason I ordered the damn machine was to lose weight!

Still addicted to [livejournal.com profile] anime_lj_tcg and think people should join and say I referred you! Free cards yay!

Also still addicted to Last Chaos - finally got arround to reinstalling it.

I also reinstalled The Movies, and The Sims plus a bunch of games to use on ScummVM.
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It's official - I FAIL at Warhawk. I was okay in the group game with a bunch of other people, but one on one with my brother I totally sucked!

Hectic weekend. Yesterday was the Digby Feast, spent most of the day down at the village hall, during the day time there were stalls and games and stuff, Mum was running a stall for LIVES where people paid to have a go at filling Annie with air - I did it on my first go! Yay! The school had a stall with a model of the village and old photos and log books, it was really interesting, so Dad brought Nan over for a while to see it. There was a photo of her two children who died and some of her best friend from school.

Then in the evening there was a skiffle and blues band - it was kinda weird, but it was all for a good cause. The tea chest bass was pretty cool though!

Catching up with my f-list now - soooo if I've missed anything you want me to see, reply here ^_^
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I got my bedroom rearranged on Tuesday. It was a lot of work - the furniture was a LOT heavier than it looked. Pretty much everything fitted where I wanted it to, there's just a few little bits and pieces to finish off - arranging my shelves neater and finding homes for some teddies and ornaments and stuff like that, but all in all I'm happy with how it turned out!

DMC4 arrived this morning! I'm soooo happy - it wasn't supposed to arrive until early-mid June and the website didn't even say it had been dispatched yet, so it was a nice surprise to wake up to! It's currently sat in the PS3 installing stuff so I can play! It's quite nice that as it's installing it gives a quick run-down of the last three games, so people like me who hasn't played them (yet) still knows what's going on - although Wiki does a good job of that too! Holy Hell... 98% yay! Almost there!!
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Wheeee I can't wait until early-mid June! My Wii Fit annnnnnnnnd DMC4 will be coming!! I LOVE my catalogue!! I don't love that it'll take me forever to pay off my debt on it - but I love that I can buy stuff and only have to pay a minimum payment each month!

Nero is so loveable and his voice is sexy! And playable character Dante too yay! I didn't know whether to get DMC4 on the PS3 or the xbox360 because achievements are all kinds of sexy - but since I don't have an xbox live account I decided to go for the PS3 because the controller is ten million times more comfortable for my little hands.

And once I get my bedroom rearranged and get my PS2 set up again I'll be able to carry on playing Legacy of Kain: Defiance because it is all kinds of hack and slash sexy!
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The graphics for Heavenly Sword are beautiful!! I'm addicted to the game but I'm stuck and I can't beat the boss I'm on and it's most annoying. >.< Die Flying Fox Die!!!
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I finished Apollo Justice last night! I enjoyed it, but I still have very mixed feelings about it.

Stuff under the cut )

But all in all, it was a fun, playable game and now I wait and pray THIS comes out in English!
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I want THIS so bad! Dear God I hope it comes to England or if not at least has an English option on the original. SO MUCH WANT!!


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