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Friday night went to the village hall for "Foroxsake"'s gig! It was a lot of fun!

Paul James was there as the support act, he's just formed a new band called Tempest and their CD is coming out soon. It was great so see him again, and he was so good on stage!

Foroxsake were amazing. Gaz on drums, Mark DeVanche and keyboards, (Lebonese) Georgie on guitar, Fraz on bass and vocals and Rob Benson on percussion and vocals! They sound really good together. They didn't do any of their own material this time, just a range of covers from over the years.

I love Fraz, he's just so funny and so sweet! He's a darling, and Rob is wonderful! Georgie is a sweetie, as soon as he came in, he came over to our table to say hello and give us a kiss.

After the show was over, Gaz let my Dad on stage to play his drums, since my Dad has always wanted a drum kit!

The night was absolutely great!!

Saturday we went to the School Fayre and got some plants and won a bunch of stuff on the tombola. Worked on the pond and I rebuilt the pebble fountain in the middle of the garden. We had Nan over for a BBQ in the afternoon which was really nice!!

Went to bed 8pm Saturday and didn't get up til 12pm Sunday afternoon!

Spent the afternoon playing "Beneath a Steel Sky", I love Joey! He's great!!
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Went shopping with my Mum yesterday...It was fun, apart from my fucked up manky toe...My feets hurt so much Mum ended up buying me a pair of man's fleecey slippers with hard soles just so I could walk erks!!!

I bought some arm/wrist bands...well actually I bought some fishnet style ankle socks, they came in a pack of 2 pairs, one black, one in hot pink, so I cut the toe bit off and cut a thumb hole in and I'm going to wear them as part of the punk chic look for this Saturday's Party in the Car Park, the black on top of the pink...I can't decide whether to stitch fingers in though >.<

Mum bought me Return of the King on VHS...I still haven't seen it LOL...I'll get round to it eventually LOL...I bought Disney's "Brother Bear" I watched that today...It's really good, a little confusing and very sad :(

OOOOOO also got a Tigger nightie....heeeee I lurves it!!!

Went to the dentist's today...My god my dentist is HOT...he is so damn fine...Too bad you have to lay there with your mouth open like a fish...He prodded all my gums and yet again I need no fillings!!! YAY!!! I just need my front tooth building up again...I smashed both my top front teeth when I was 11 and they just add stuff to make them look like real teeth, like a tooth cap or something and it snapped off at Christmas so I had a front fang since then LOL, there's also a little decay around that tooth only!

Getting my hair dyed tomorrow hopefully...A brighter version of Indian Summer...It's a LIVE colour range the shade is Intense Red I think heeeeeeeee it's like an orangey red :-D

Mr Big - To Be With You was on the radio this morning *squee* I LOVE THAT SONG!!!

My throat and head hurts so bad...Last night at the pub, someone was smoking Cannabis and it really set my asthma off bad, we had to leave the pub, I couldn't breathe, I was choking, I felt like my lungs were gonna explode and I was gonna pass out...I was gasping for air all the way home, now my throat is so sore from all the coughing and choking, my head hurts too from it...stupid drugs!!!

Wow...This was actually a pretty long update for me LOL...Laterz
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Greetings all...I actually have a semi-busy week this week!!!

  • Tomorrow: Cutting grass at the offices
  • Wednesday: Going into town with my Mum to get some shopping, buy RotK and get her hair cut
  • Thursday: Going to the Dentist!!
  • Friday: Tidying out my Brother's room so he can come home for the weekend

    Heeee so that's my week this week LOL

    YAY I gots my Muppet Show Cast Album transfered from vinyl to CD YAY!!! I had the cassette tape for years and it's my Dad's and I lost it...oops...So I bought the vinyl record fr 50p in a charity shop and it was all scratched, but I got it transfered to CD and it took hours to do coz of the scratches...the needle kept getting stuck or jumping but I got it with NO jumps and only a few crackles!!! *pets my Muppets* Only problems with old Muppets is no Pepe or Rizzo :(
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    Ian is making me update...And since he is my cult leader I should do what he says...

    So...What have I been up to? Quite a lot for once actually...So I'll go through in date orders what I been upto...

    Sat 19th July...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray, Roger, Barbera, Patrick, Karen, Duncan, Tish and I all went to Digby pub for a meal for my Nan's 80th Birthday...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray and I all arrived in a white stretch limo and had champagne...It was such a cool limo!!!

    Sun 20th July...Mum and James went to the hospital to visit my other Nan, Kate dyed my hair Intense Red which was fun, I love spending time with her!!! When Mum and James got home we went to my Nan C's for Birthday tea

    Tues 22nd July...My Nan K passed away in Boston hospital

    Wed 23rd July...We all went over to Nan C's house because it was her actual birthday...Mum, Dad, James and I then went to the Pub for an Italian meal

    Sat 26th July...PARTY IN THE CAR PARK!!!!! WOOOOOOOO...It was great!!! T-REX WOOOOOOO BABY!!! I had a really good day, there were lots of great acts, including the debut performance of the Paul James Band...They're very good!!! People have to buy their album if it gets released over here!!!

    Ohhhh and Moley snuck me into the VIP Party...Go Me!!! I got to see Paul Fenton and Rob Benson YAY as well as Eleanor and Dave Major!!! It was a lot of fun...Apart from pete flirting with me!!

    Tues 29th July...Was my Nan's funeral at north kyme...We had to walk behind the hearse to the church...It was horrible!!! But the service was nice and lots of people turned up. We then went back to my Auntie Janice's house. Last night was Paul James' bday party so we went down for awhile, I made Paul a card!! And he loved it

    So that's my hectic time...As well as that lot I have also watched "Ready to Rumble" twice...It's so funny...and you might want to save this because I may never say it again but GOLDBERG IS COOL IN IT!!!...I thin David Arquette (sp?) is cute and soooooo funny...I love him in RtR and See Spot Run!!!


    Or in the words of Ian "the Genius" Hetherington "Who cares what King would do...WHAT WOULD IAN DO?!"

    So if you ever find yourself in times of trouble...ask yourself...What Would Ian Do?! WWID...(In most cases it would be to put headphones in and play very loud angry music...like Limp Bizkit for example)


    I finally got jess' letter written and now I made a start on Lorie's!!!

    If anyone wants to buy Krissy a birthday present and money isn't an issue...Krissy would like this muchly

    Oooooo Dave and Linda Major are performing at the pub tomorrow!!! And then Saturday we're going to Sleaford to an Acoustic night!!!

    Tom doesn't love us anymore he has dumped us for his X-Box!!! Evil Bastard!!!

    I want to thank Lorie and Jenny for supporting me lots lately!!! love you both muchly!!!

    Hmmmm I think that's about it!!! Now I gotta write a review on PitCP on the T-Rex Forum for Rob

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    I got up at 9:50am to get ready for work, I had a shower because there was no hot water for a bath *pouts*, I got dressed, I had tomato sauce on toast for my breakfast...Then I finished getting ready and went to work....

    My first job was to fill the salt pots...Then the day just got worse from there...We had to practise holding three plates on one arm...We used empty, cold plates and had to walk to the bar and back, I managed that just...but then when we had hot full plates, I couldn't do it and I am way too slow >.< I hate it, I can't do it...I have blisters on my feet and sore legs...The only thing I was good at was washing up...but I got £22.50 for it...and a Sunday dinner...I sat next to Paul for the Prawn Cocktail and I didn't spill it....GO ME!!! Then I was sat next to Charlotte for the main dinner...I had to take my shoes off walking home *cries*

    I got home about 5ish, talked to my parents and am now sulking online!!!

    I got another e-mail from Marc Benson *smiles softly* he likes the poems I sent him yay, he said I inspired him to write a poem =)...I dunno what time he comes online, because I was late going to bed last night, so he either goes on very late or very early in the morning...Oh well...I hope he replies to the mail I sent him...

    I missed Julie so much today =( I missed talking to her on the phone =( no fair!!!
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    Last night was amazing...Dave Glover was great...he is an amazing guitarist and vocalist!!! He put on a great show despite was has happened in his life lately!!! He did some great songs like "Spirit in the Sky", "Ballroom Blitz", "Summer of '69", "Blockbuster", "Rockin' All Over the World"...plus loads of others...

    Paul got up and sang "Angel Face", "Tell Him" and "Let's Get Together Again" while Dave played the guitar, Paul has an amazing voice...the microphone stand wouldn't lock and it kept slipping down...Mark De Vanche (Glitter Band's Keyboard player) joined him for backing vocals and had to stand on tip toes to reach the mic hehe!!!

    Dave got Paul and Rob up, they did "Telegram Sam", "I Love to Boogie", "Children of the Revolution" and "Hot Love"...i think that was all of them...Rob sang, Paul played guitar and Dave played bass...They were really good, I wish I had taken the camera, I could've got some great shots of them...BUT ROB CHANGED THE DAMN LINE AGAIN *growls at him* It's Funk...NOT...Fuck!!!!

    Rob had a chat with me about the forum after I arrived, then a chat about Dave with me at the bar, and then another chat with me about Dave after the show!!

    I got Dave's autograph, he simply wrote "Thanks - Dave Glover", mum said he seemed like he didn't feel worthy of signing autographs anymore....Stupid News Of The World!!!

    The snow was really bad last night hehe and Paul, Wayne and Carolyn went out for a snow fight, they came back in soaked, Paul made out he was shaking Wayne's hand for playing fairly and winning and said "The least I can do is buy my best friend a drink" and tipped his pint over Wayne's head!!! So Paul and Wayne changed their tops, Wayne had to wear one of Paul's and it was too small!!!...

    A bit later on, Paul and Wayne decided it would be fun to go out in the snow naked, so they stripped in the middle of the pub....completely naked apart from their shoes...ran out of the pub and up the street...Carolyn locked the back door and someone hid Wayne's clothes...they came back, and went to the back door, it was locked so they used the side door....damn men for thinking, they grabbed bar towels on their way it to cover their genitals and sat down!!!

    People kept trying to steal the bar towels so Wayne stole someone's umbrella, put it up and covered himself and Paul with it...they both left the room and came back a few minutes later, Paul was wearing trousers like something straight out of 90's wrestling and Wayne was in one of Carolyn's red dresses...

    I tried to get Paul to tell me what the "Chant" means...he said he couldn't tell me because it's secret, very secret...*pouts*...I'll have to ask Paul Fenton or Rob next time I see them!!!

    Got in about 3:30ish...I was tired and ill!!! But I got to stay in bed all day today!!! Go Me!!! But when i did finally get up I did tidy my bedroom!!!

    For Jess

    Jan. 27th, 2003 09:17 pm
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    Paul Looking Sexy )

    Let's get together again, all you need is here to stay
    Let's get together again, forget about your yesterdays
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    I'm Back....HELLO!!!

    I have had a great time, but I have missed everyone loads!!! Especially 3 special people!!! They know who they are!!!

    Well...Thursday night was amazing!!! Rob was so perfect, he did really well!!! He did "Soul of My Suit" for dad, he just turned and said "This one's for you Mick" and sang it, without a backing tape, it was amazing!!! He did "Spaceball Ricochet", but forgot my dedication...it doesnt matter though, it still sounded amazing and he did appologise...He did loads of Bolan songs, lots of acoustics, he also did some Bowie and Lennon, and Marc played alongside him, so did Paul!!!

    I got to meet and talk to Marc for the first time, he is such a nice guy, we talked about T-Rex, music, jobs, school, LotR, we have a little bit in common, and as far as someone in the pub is concerned we are practicley engaged....

    Mickey's candle burned though the whole show!!!

    It was a good night, very good!!!

    AND ALSO I HAVE SEEN THE TWO TOWERS!!!! It is amazing!!! Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn rock....some of the one liners rule!!! I wasn't too impressed with the Wargs, they were good, but not as they are in my imagination...Gollum ruled though...the Ents' legs were too long compared to their bodies though...But it is an amazing film...I'll have to be nice to Rob and marc to see if they'll take me hehe...Sam and Frodo are so cute together!!! What Frodo says to Sam would be perfect if it was reversed because it is so perfect for me to say to my Frodo!!!

    I have something to confess...JENNY WAS RIGHT ABOUT HEATH....I was wrong...he IS hot...I watched "A Knight's Tale" at my brothers as well as "10 Things I Hate About You"....he has a gorgeous smile!!!

    I also watched "American Pie" for the 1st time...I Love Alyson Hannigan she is so cute and funny..."like this one time...at band camp" She rocks!!!

    Oh and the lead singer from "Letters to Cleo" she is pretty...well I'm done for now, I'll probably write in more detail when I'm less tired!!!
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    I had my hair trimmed this morning...NO MORE SPLIT ENDS WOOOOOOOOO GO ME!!!

    I went into Sleaford today to see if the proofs for my dad's t-shirt were ready, but they weren't so I asked the people if they could pick which they thought was best, but they couldn't decide so I have to go in tomorrow at 8:30am to pick one so they can have it done for Thursday....stoopid t-shirt...I also think I saw Rob's partner in town, but I couldn't swear to it

    I went to the pub this evening to see Carolyn about a job waitressing on Sundays...She said she'll be in touch with me about it, I hope I get it because I really need a job because I'm so skint, I have absolutely no money!!!

    Paul was asking me if I work during the days, so I told him I'm still at Sixth Form and how I can't wait to leave now...I really hate it now...He asked me what i want to do, so I told him I have no idea...He told me to "Follow my dreams"

    I stayed for a little while with Shelley and Ray talking to Paul and Jan...Then we picked the kids up from Judo and we went back to Shelley's for a drink, my mum came round too!!

    I feel like Julie and I are drifting big time, I feel like we could split up soon *cries* I hate feeling like this, I really don't want to lose her, I love her so much...*pouts* She is my world!!!

    I wish my Frodo was online, she always cheers me up...I luv her to bits *huggles her* I hope she's doing OK, I do worry about my Frodo...It's no good her Sam will have to look after her!!! *pokes her* You rock hunny, so does Libby!!!

    My throat is soooooooooooooo sore, it hurts to swallow, I hope it's better for Thursday so i can sing to all Rob's songs!!! I am so looking forward to the acoustic songs, I love the acoustics, they are my favourite songs!!! That's why I love "Acoustic Warrior" so much!!!

    Tanya coloured me in a sticker bless her, it's a heart with a teddy on it, it's cute, it's currently stuck to my printer!!!

    Well that's about it so i'm going to go and take some medicine and go to bed, night y'all
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    Julie might not be online today because she has to go to her brothers house =( It feels like she's trying to avoid me, we never talk as much as we used to, maybe she doesn't love me as much anymore *sigh* I hope that's not true, I hope it's just me being paranoid *pouts* I love her so much *huggles her*


    We stayed out quite late, and walked home with Laney and Ray!! Today I went into Sleaford to pay dad's cheaque into the bank and get some writing added to his T-Rex t-shirt...and who should I happen to meet down a street in Sleaford...none other than ROB!!! We had a quick chat but he had to go, so I'll see him Thursday!!

    My brother wants me to go over this weekend to watch TTT, I dunno if I'll be there Friday and come home Saturday or if I'll be there Friday through to Sunday...I need to borrow some money first!!!

    I'm talking to my Frodo yay...I hoped my letter would come today but it didn't =( maybe tomorrow!!!...She rocks!!! She is crazy...but she rocks!!! I luv her to bits hehe!!!

    Amber hasn't spoke to me yet...Oh well her lose I guess...I'm sure if she wants me she knows where to find me!!!

    Poor Tom!!! WA has gone bankrupt and closed *hugs Tom*...I hope he'll survive, this is a big shock to his fragile little life!!!


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