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Completed my Daniel & Miyagi claim at [livejournal.com profile] 10variations, see the icons Here
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Watched a really good film early called "I'll Remember April". It was about America after Pearl Habour and four young boys who capture a Japanese sailor!

I love films like that! And films that deal with racism in the American south. Like "A Time to Kill", "Mississippi Burning," and "Hope".

Anyways... back to "I'll Remember April". It had a lil Haley Joel Osment in! I've now seen two movies with little tiny Haley Joel Osment in - this one and Forrest Gump! It also had a young Trevor Morgan in who I knew I recognized from somewhere! A quick visit to IMDB showed he was in Barney's Great Adventure!!

I also spent the entire film trying to tell myself that not every japanese white haired man in the world is Pat Morita, no matter how similar they look... The credits then told me that the fangirl in my was right and it was indeed Pat Morita! Who as it happens, is also in KH2 *random trivia*

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts 2, posted a batch of Axel icons and a batch of Hayner icons at my icon journal!
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I'm alive! (Barely)!

God I hate being ill, especially since I have to work double time at work until my job share partner comes back - if she ever comes back! I wish it would stop being wet then bratty little people wouldn't trail in mud on their feet making my job twice as hard. I also have a little child in reception class who urinates behind the toilet everyday...how nice!!!

Yesterday, Mum and I went down to the school to wash the floors down since I was in so much pain Friday night, we got the mops and buckets and everything ready, then we decided to see if we could actually use the buffer instead, so I got it out and plugged it in, I turned it on and it went! I couldn't control it at all so I let go and it turned off...So Mum took over and turned it on and it started going in circles, my Mum too....She was getting wrapped in the wire and it just wouldn't stop...Looking back it could have been fatal...but at the time it was just so damn funny! Well...I thought so...Mum didn't! I was laughing soooo hard I ended up on the floor laid laughing, eventually the wire pulled its own plug out of the socket and stopped! So we decided to wash the floors with mops instead!

Last night Mum, Dad and I did the Great British Music Quiz a test to see if as a nation men or women know more about music! Overall the men won but in our house Mum and I got 30 Dad (who is a music boff, and ex-DJ) got 28! We would've got 31 if Mum had listened to me on the Chesney Hawkes question!

Going into town tomorrow to get my hair cut...finally! I re-dyed it a fortnight ago because I was fed up with seeing lots of roots! So now I can have it cut nice too! But I have a bald patch...My skin infections have caused a bald patch around the one on my scalp and it's really noticable!!!

Played CMI the other day...I love Guybrush Threepwood! He is my sweetie! And Murray the demonic skull is sweet too! GOD!!! Stupid LucasArts making 23923852385487235872385480235873265734076037463 crappy StarWars games! They need to make Monkey Island 5!!! Although there is talk that Ron Gilbert (creator of Secret of Monkey Island and Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge but left LucasArts before Curse of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island were created) is going to make MI5 and eventually Sam & Max 2 (which LucasArts started but dropped in favour of MORE StarWars games!) along with his new games company! WE LOVE YOU RON! (Just make sure you get Dominic back as Guybrush!)

God I hate Amazon.co.uk! I ordered my copy of the movie "It" and it was originally supposed to be delievered between the 9th-12th, then it became 13th-15th but now its 23rd-30th!!! That's like forever away! I want to watch it! Although I'm a little unsure about a mini Seth Green as Richie...I don't picture Richie looking like that...But I'll see! I'm sure I'm bound to cry at the movie worse than I did the book! Stupid Stephen King...KILLING EDDIE IS WRONG! That whore Beverly should've been killed, not poor Eddie! Killing Stan was bad enough, almost killing Mike is pushing it, but killing Eddie is just cruel! Poor poor Eddie! And them all forgetting...It's sooo sad...My Mum doesn't think I should've read the book since I was so moved by Georgie and Eddie's deaths...I don't think I will ever shake the image of the tiny dead, bloodied body of Georgie being wrapped in a blanket, his arm gone, and carried back to his parents house...It's imprinted on my mind for life!

Speaking of crying...I watched a movie called "Project X" on Thursday...I cried so much...It's about the US Air Force training chimps to use flight simulators and then doing tests on them with radiation...I love chimps and seeing them die was awful! Matthew Broderick is so good in it, I love that man! I loved him in "Glory" too! I want a chimp!!! I want a chimp and a spider monkey...preferably a brown one to call Timmy!

At least there is one plus side to having to work double hours! More money for Xmas presents! Not enough for a monkey, but enough for presents for Christmas! Speaking of Christmas...if any of you want a Christmas card from me let me know your addy!

WOW...long update for me...Laters all!
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Went shopping with my Mum yesterday...It was fun, apart from my fucked up manky toe...My feets hurt so much Mum ended up buying me a pair of man's fleecey slippers with hard soles just so I could walk erks!!!

I bought some arm/wrist bands...well actually I bought some fishnet style ankle socks, they came in a pack of 2 pairs, one black, one in hot pink, so I cut the toe bit off and cut a thumb hole in and I'm going to wear them as part of the punk chic look for this Saturday's Party in the Car Park, the black on top of the pink...I can't decide whether to stitch fingers in though >.<

Mum bought me Return of the King on VHS...I still haven't seen it LOL...I'll get round to it eventually LOL...I bought Disney's "Brother Bear" I watched that today...It's really good, a little confusing and very sad :(

OOOOOO also got a Tigger nightie....heeeee I lurves it!!!

Went to the dentist's today...My god my dentist is HOT...he is so damn fine...Too bad you have to lay there with your mouth open like a fish...He prodded all my gums and yet again I need no fillings!!! YAY!!! I just need my front tooth building up again...I smashed both my top front teeth when I was 11 and they just add stuff to make them look like real teeth, like a tooth cap or something and it snapped off at Christmas so I had a front fang since then LOL, there's also a little decay around that tooth only!

Getting my hair dyed tomorrow hopefully...A brighter version of Indian Summer...It's a LIVE colour range the shade is Intense Red I think heeeeeeeee it's like an orangey red :-D

Mr Big - To Be With You was on the radio this morning *squee* I LOVE THAT SONG!!!

My throat and head hurts so bad...Last night at the pub, someone was smoking Cannabis and it really set my asthma off bad, we had to leave the pub, I couldn't breathe, I was choking, I felt like my lungs were gonna explode and I was gonna pass out...I was gasping for air all the way home, now my throat is so sore from all the coughing and choking, my head hurts too from it...stupid drugs!!!

Wow...This was actually a pretty long update for me LOL...Laterz
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Wow...It's been forever since I updated...BAD ME!!!

Well...What have I been up to? Nothing much! Mainly working and sleeping!!! I just completed my second week at Padley's Chicken Factory...I really don't like it much...We have to wear uncomfy Wellies, white overalls and a blue hair net, as well as blue gloves!!! I work on the drumstick line...So anyone in the Lincolnshire area don't buy Somerfields/Icelands/Morrisons/Safeways Chicken Drumsticks/Legs because I may have handled them!!!

I decided that since I'm going through a Crow stage since I got my DVD back that I would change my LJ to a Crow theme Lookit Here!!!

I think the Crow is an amazing film and everyone should watch it at least once in their life!!!

I get my 3rd tattoo tomorrow, I can't wait!!! I think I'm going to have it on my right shoulder!!! Dee said he'd reink my Elvish Rune for free while I'm there, to save having to use a new needle another time!!! So I get two tattoos for the price of one!!! I'm beginning to get a little nervous, I will be real nervous tomorrow morning!!!

Hope all my American friends had a good Thanksgiving!!!

Spoke to Luna the other night for quite awhile, she rocks, I think she's really cool, I get on well with her!!!

Anyways, back to my busy life I go!!! Laters all!!!
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Greetings and Salutations

I'm feeling very bouncy and hyper and I believe it is due to too much Jeffy-goodness (if there is such a thing as too much!!!) I have now watched his shoot interview two and a bit times and I feel like I really know him as silly as that sounds!!!

He talks about some really deep things and I've come to the conclusion that he says "man" and "ya know?" waaaaaaaay too much, almost every sentence has "man" in at least once!!!

The video was def worth the £6 it cost me, even though when it arrived the inside of the cassette shell was smashed, but being the super intelligent GENIUS that I am, I took an old cassette shell from a chewed up video tape and put the reel of tape out of the Jeff video in the unbroken shell and HEY PRESTO, 2 and a half hours of Jeffy-goodness!!!

I know know many random pointless Jeff Hardy facts like...Jeff trained Shannon Moore because everyone, including Shannon thought he was too small to make it even though he REALLY wanted to, so Jeffy took him under his wing and trained him...and now look how great the little one is doing!!!

While on the subject of Jeff, looks like he's planning a March return, maybe a WMXX return, which would be pretty cool!!! Tis amazing news comes from Luna over at the Puppy site!!!

Onto other news...I have a new journal, my "mind" journal, in which I'm going to be posting sketches, artwork, poems, stories, etc, all my creative projects, take a look over Here...I've used GJ rather than LJ because it is free, doesn't require a code, lets you have upto a thousand 60kb icons and has image hosting, so it seemed the perfect place for my art!!!

It's been great having LORIE online!!! *kidnaps her and feeds her cookies* MWAH Loves her!!!

Missing Tom and Ian!!! Stupid jobs/uni!!! Not good enough, they should be here!!!

I should find out in the week if I got the cashier's job at Somerfield!!! If not, I'm going to continue to be skint *pouts*

I bought Lor's birthday present on Thursday, but I still can't find anything suitable for Jenny and her birthday is first AGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

If only Orlando would fit in an envelope! Damn shame he doesn't

Anyways...Must go and do...Krissy type things and drool over tha Hardy Boyz somemore...Laters!!!
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Greetings and Salutations...

Thought I better keep the one and only GENIUS happy by actually remembering to update this!!!...So...Here goes

Well...It was my birthday on Monday, I now 19 years old and I got lots of nice things...

From Mum and Dad I got some So...?Wild perfume, a CD by Kriz called "The Wrong 5 o' Clock" and Chicago on DVD ooo and some gel pens

From James and Kate I got a new mobile phone (a Nokia 3510i) and some blank video tapes

From Ian I got Bon Jovi's new album "Bounce"

From Jenny I got a Whitby Lucky Duck


I also bought a new top with my £22 birthday money

Other than that, not a lot has really happened...I miss Ian, his Uni is sooooooooooooooooooo far away :( I want the weekend he and Tom stayed over to be here again!!! That was fun!!!

I think I'm obsessed with Home and Away, Hercules: The TV Series, As Told By Ginger and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!!! I heart Will Smith, he's soooooo funny!!! I also lurve Tate Donovan, French Stewart and Bobcat Goldwaith's voices!!!

Well must make more backgrounds for my phone...I'm not obsessed...honest...

Oh and BTW Chicago is a very good movie!!! I love the dancing in it!!!

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Well I am already missing Lorie and it's no where near time for her to be back online yet...I hope she's all hooked back by the end of September!!! But I got a letter off her on Thursday and another one this morning, and I sent my letter out to her yesterday so we're still keeping in touch which is cool!..She liked the bracelet I made which is also cool!!!

Picked up my A-Level results on Thursday...What a depressing day it was!!! I got an E in English and General Studies and a U in ICT...but we've had to query my ICT grade because two of the units of work I handed in were not graded!...So who knows? I may have scraped an E *crosses fingers*

Rob Benson performed at the Pub on Thursday, despite he had been in London all day doing some work for T.V!!! He was amazing though!!! And he gave me a big hug and told me me exam results were good and I shouldn't worry!!!

Also...We're writing a joint poetry book together hopefully, which will be super cool if we can get it off the ground!!!

I bought the Crow on Tuesday and have already watched it twice...I HEART BRANDON LEE...He was such a good actor and so dreamy!!!

I feel the ground above me fade away as I start to wake. I taste the fear in my killers as they begin to break. There is no hiding I see you through your disguise, I finally found you and now it's your turn to die.

Suddenly their came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. You heard me rapping, right?

In light of my recent purchase, I decided to make a Crow/Eric Draven icon!!! *points* He's so dreamy!

Well I am off to do...stuff and save Tom!
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Ian is making me update...And since he is my cult leader I should do what he says...

So...What have I been up to? Quite a lot for once actually...So I'll go through in date orders what I been upto...

Sat 19th July...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray, Roger, Barbera, Patrick, Karen, Duncan, Tish and I all went to Digby pub for a meal for my Nan's 80th Birthday...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray and I all arrived in a white stretch limo and had champagne...It was such a cool limo!!!

Sun 20th July...Mum and James went to the hospital to visit my other Nan, Kate dyed my hair Intense Red which was fun, I love spending time with her!!! When Mum and James got home we went to my Nan C's for Birthday tea

Tues 22nd July...My Nan K passed away in Boston hospital

Wed 23rd July...We all went over to Nan C's house because it was her actual birthday...Mum, Dad, James and I then went to the Pub for an Italian meal

Sat 26th July...PARTY IN THE CAR PARK!!!!! WOOOOOOOO...It was great!!! T-REX WOOOOOOO BABY!!! I had a really good day, there were lots of great acts, including the debut performance of the Paul James Band...They're very good!!! People have to buy their album if it gets released over here!!!

Ohhhh and Moley snuck me into the VIP Party...Go Me!!! I got to see Paul Fenton and Rob Benson YAY as well as Eleanor and Dave Major!!! It was a lot of fun...Apart from pete flirting with me!!

Tues 29th July...Was my Nan's funeral at north kyme...We had to walk behind the hearse to the church...It was horrible!!! But the service was nice and lots of people turned up. We then went back to my Auntie Janice's house. Last night was Paul James' bday party so we went down for awhile, I made Paul a card!! And he loved it

So that's my hectic time...As well as that lot I have also watched "Ready to Rumble" twice...It's so funny...and you might want to save this because I may never say it again but GOLDBERG IS COOL IN IT!!!...I thin David Arquette (sp?) is cute and soooooo funny...I love him in RtR and See Spot Run!!!


Or in the words of Ian "the Genius" Hetherington "Who cares what King would do...WHAT WOULD IAN DO?!"

So if you ever find yourself in times of trouble...ask yourself...What Would Ian Do?! WWID...(In most cases it would be to put headphones in and play very loud angry music...like Limp Bizkit for example)


I finally got jess' letter written and now I made a start on Lorie's!!!

If anyone wants to buy Krissy a birthday present and money isn't an issue...Krissy would like this muchly

Oooooo Dave and Linda Major are performing at the pub tomorrow!!! And then Saturday we're going to Sleaford to an Acoustic night!!!

Tom doesn't love us anymore he has dumped us for his X-Box!!! Evil Bastard!!!

I want to thank Lorie and Jenny for supporting me lots lately!!! love you both muchly!!!

Hmmmm I think that's about it!!! Now I gotta write a review on PitCP on the T-Rex Forum for Rob

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Wooooo I actually got to watch Oklahoma! all the way through today...Hehe it's brilliant...Hugh Jackman is very fine in it *considers watching the X-Men movies merely for that factor*

I love the songs in Oklahoma! My favourites are "Surrey With a Fringe on Top", "Many a New Day", "The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends" and "People Will Say We're In Love"

I have to feel sorry for Jud though...He was just a lost and confused individual who was in love!!!

I Love Musicals!!! I want to see one live...Cats would be good live!!!


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