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Welcome to the thoughts and ramblings of the SWE CEO...Yes although SWE may not be running phsyically anymore...The spirit and soul of SWE live on...And oh yes we will hire Gangrel and Jeff Hardy!!!

Righto...Well I'm feeling extremely depressed right now...Some people know why and those who have access to my sister journal can lookit Here

Thank you Ian for text huggling me when I needed it!!! I'm gonna miss you when you head off to Uni...It'll suck monkies for pennies...I'll just have to listen to Anthology! and play Monkey Island and EWR....Look Behind You...A Three Headed Monkey!!!

I miss Lorie already...It's only been a matter of hours since she left to spend the weekend with her Mum...but I miss my Huunnykins!!!....She's gonna be away for Shane's b/day!!!! *huggles tight* Loves you muchly!!!

It is Shane Helms 29th Birthday tomorrow...I think you should all email him (shane@shanehelms.com) and wish our most favourite crime fighting superhero a Happy Bday!!!

I've started my letter to the aforementioned hero...I really dunno what to write...I can't exactly say "I want to shag you give me your autograph"...My letter to Jeff was easy I just talked about his work in all areas, wrestling, art, emoetry, singing...Speaking of his singing...After listening to "Home" 3485237573457735237 times it's beginning to sound good apart from the harmonies...He should get someone else to do those!!!

I can't wait until I have some money behind me...I'm going to travel...I'm gonna go visit Jessi and Lorie and I also want to visit North Carolina (Not to stalk Matt, Jeff and Shane) and Virginia...They're both pretty States and I would like to go there for inspiration for my art and poetry!!!

I might be going out tomorrow night with Ade which will be cool...He promised to take me out for my 18th birthday when I was 13 but he was away in Guernsey for my 18th so he wants to take me with a couple of his friends he met in Guernsey tomorrow for an Indian meal

He's so cool, I've always got on with Ade...He's great...We raided his CD collection the other day and he lent me about 10 CD's as well as Rammstein's Live Aus Berlin DVD...I've only watched the start and it's very cool!!! He lent me his baby in MM's latest CD...He worships MM so I feel honoured that he lent me "The Golden Age of Grotesque"

I saw a DVD I want while in town...I want the RAW 10th Anniversary Special...It's £15.99 and has a ton of extras like interviews with BOTH Hardy Boys and other great wrestlers!!! I also want the Hardy Boyz pendent as well as their Autobiography "Exist 2 Inspire"...Amy "Lita" Dumas releases her autobiography "Lita; A Less Traveled R.O.A.D: The Reality of Amy Dumas" on September 16th!!...I also like the look of Shawn Michael's new DVD!!!!

Well I think that's all my "exciting" news for now...Must go and do CEO-type things
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Once again I have changed my layout...Now you can actually about read what I've written...Aren't I smart?!

Well I have now officially finished my exams YAY...But that means...Never seeing Ian and Tom ever again (well not for a long time anyway) and I need to get a job...Sucky....OMG...No more SWE *sobs* SWE CAN'T DIE!!! It won't...as CEO I won't let it...I mean our roster is just beginning to grow we're getting Gangrel and Jamal....and of course the amazing, unique, charasmatic young star known as Jeff Hardy...as long as he doesn't try to sing...

Tracey is evil...She told me I'm sad for being one of Christian's Peeps and I'm even sadder for admitting I'm a Peep...There is NOTHING wrong with being a Peep...I'm a Peep and PROUD!!!...Christian is one of the greatest IC Champions we have ever had!!!...So he uses a little tight-pulling and a little rope holding and a little smacking-opponent-in-face-with-belt...But surely you've heard the phrase "Win if you can, Lose if you must, but ALWAYS cheat"?...That is all Christian is doing...Wow King and I should sit together during Christian's matches and spread the greatness!!! I AM A EURO PEEP and all of you should be a Peep and Proud of your IC Champion!!!

*beats Adam Copeland with a stick* He didn't Edgeucate us this week *sobs* I hope he hasn't like died...or been rushed into hospital because of his neck or anything...I haven't seen him online either...I hope he's okay....I'm sure Lorie's reason is the most likely though...but we won't go into details about that here *giggles*

Well...I finally got all my letters written and posted...Jessi's, Lorie's and Jeff's...So hopefully my two hunny girls will reply soon *pleading eyes* and hopefully Jeff will send an autograph and/or letter...I should write to my Hobbit soon...it's been forever since I wrote to her *pets*

Everybody should read "The Ballad of Reading Gaol"...Go Now...Find and Read the 109 stanzas of Oscar Wilde's poem!!!
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Hello Everybody!!!

Only 9 days to go until ROAD TO INSURREXTION!!! Wooooooooooooooooo...As you can tell I'm excited...Very excited!!!

I asked Tom to sleep over next Thursday so we can be togehter first thing Friday to leave for Nottingham *dances* I bet he'll say no but hey...

Anyway I made myself a new background and new ICON *licks* Matt and Jeff Hardy are such inspirations to me!!! I can't wait until I get their book "Exist 2 Inspire" all reports I've heard of it have been great and I can finally learn about Matt's "jimmy" arms and legs seeing as Adam "Edge" Copeland wouldn't tell me *grrrr*

LOR!!! IF Jay is at Nottingham I will scream and faint and everything and take lots of photos for you!!! *grins* Love you muchly Hunnykins...I lurve being your Sugar Cube!!!...When you get settled into your new house you'll have to give me your addy so I can post the Jay Jay goodness that is by my bed gathering dust for you!!!

Jessi...Your letter went out today...Finally...I spent most of Sunday writing it at last, while watching "Worzel Gummidge Down Under" hehe!!! *snogs and hugs*

I had an accident at work today...I was going around the hill in the corner of the paddock on the ride-on mower...and my grass box was too full so the steering wouldn't work and I got mangled in a fence...So it's funny looking back but at the time I was hurt and very scared and thought I'd owe my boss £3848348238423752375 for a new mower!!!...But the only damage sustained was a bent pole which Mike straighten...But Dad and I had to LIFT the mower out of the fence...and he thought it was funny =( I hurt my shoulder when I crashed *pouts*

JEFF HARDY WRESTLED THE OTHER NIGHT woooooooooooooo He wrestled a match for ICW against Krazy K...OMEGA's Cruiserweight Champion...He's had the title 1 year so they had a special match and pitted him against Willow the Whisp...the masked alias of Jeff Hardy...for more details and 4 pictures go to jeffnerohardy[dot]com

I hope this one off match turns into something more perminant either with OMEGA or returning to the WWE...I hope this match has made him refind his passion for wrestling!!!

Well must go do SWE CEO-type things...Until Next time...
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It's Me, It's Me...It's the K.M.C...Erm yes HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!

Well again I seem to have been slacking on the updates...Bad Krissy!!! *slaps wrist*

Well I guess the biggest bit of news I have at the moment is that Julie and I split up...We split up on Monday after spending all of Sunday and Monday morning texting and discussing it...It was kinda mutual, for the best on both parts, but I initiated it so I guess it was my fault...But I couldn't carry on in a relationship where I wasn't happy...Only speaking 10 minutes in over a month was the real deciding factor...I do love her and I feel really bad that I'm throwing 15 months of my life away but I can't go on being unhappy

On a happier note...SWE had it's first (and probably only) photoshoot today...to see the official SWE photos CLICK HERE

Ian is still the SWE World Heavyweight Intercontinental Xtreme Hardcore Donut Champion wooooooooooooooo...There may be a last title match on Friday afternoon depending on how my Main Eventers are feeling...We've decided that when SWE takes off and we have money we will book Gangrel and Honky Tonk Man!!!

Ian and I were having a brutal paper towel throwing match earlier...OMG the brutality of it...I would have made my come-back if the ball of paper towelling hadn't gone out of the window....LOOK A THREE HEADED MONKEY...

Christian cut all his hair off...It looks nice, it's just weird after seeing him with long hair for 5 years or whatever it's been...But he looks a lot younger

I'm glad he won the IC title at Judgement Day...Now he just has to retain it for 16 more days...and then COME TO NOTTINGHAM along with THE HURRICANE

As you may have guessed...It's only 16 Days until Tom, Ian and I go to see the wrestling Wooooooooooooo I can't wait!!!! I so hope Christian and Shane Helms are there!!!

My body is aching today from swimming...Last night seemed to go so slow yet we did our 50 lengths faster than every other week...I felt blah and today my muscles are showing it....At least I can sleep and rest tomorrow *grins*
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Went to Rob Benson's birthday party on Tuesday, it was great fun!!! I gave him his present...(It was a black frame with a picture of Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn in it)...He liked it, apparently it's his favourite picture of them *grins* He also liked the card I got him!!!

There was live music and a buffet at the party and Rob even got up and performed some T-Rex songs!!! I got to have a chat with Rob...always fun!!!

Marc gave me a flower (one Rob had been given for his bday) and then Rob gave me the other and told me to look after them forever...So Mum and I have put them in a book to press them!!!

Tom and Ian are insane...SWE is great...Ian??? p00t!! p00t p0000000t p00t :):):) p00t

They were doing submission moves on each other today and making each other tap...fun to watch apart from Tom claims he has a broken arm now!!

Ian...You fight like a dairy farmer!!!

I haven't spoke to Julie in almost a month...this sucks and I really dunno if I see a future for us :( *pouts*

Lor...I love you hunnykins...I lurrrrrve being you lil Sugar Cube!!!

Jessi...I love you too...you rock it hardcore girlie!!! I wanna be your Sam forever and ever!!! *sucks on your fingers* My dream was sooooo real *blushes* hehe...Love you Frodo!!!
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As the CEO Of SWE...I would like to announce the card so far for our April PPV (insert witty name here)

Pizza Duty
Matt Hardy

Manager Match
Ric Flair Vs Kristina Carr

Hardcore Match
Chris Benoit Vs Rhyno

Booker T Vs Matt Hardy

The Main Event will see Ian "The Genius" Hetherington defend the SWE Intercontinental World Heavyweight Xtreme Hardcore Donut Title against Tom Monte...Due to the fact that Tom is a cheating bastard I have made a special stipulation....No Interference...If Someone were to interfer on Tom's behalf he would lose his number one contendership spot and have no more title shots...If someone interfers on Ian's behalf, he will be instantly stripped of the SWE IWHXHD Title and it will then go into a tournament to determine a new champion!!!

Main Event for the SWE IWHXHD Title
Ian "The Genius" Hetherington Vs Tom Monte w/ Special Guest Referee Jeff Hardy!!!

*card subject to change*
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Today has been an amusing day...Despite the pain in my knee *pouts*

Well first off *grins* this morning while working up to school, Rob was pulling out the driveway and he waved at me *grins*

Then walking down to the Chip Shop with Ian and Rachel Rob, and Marc went passed in the car and waved *giggles*

Then on the way back from the Chip Shop, Eleanor stopped me for a quick chat heh heh she's great, she rocks!!!

Ian made me go down to Help the Aged to buy a red, folding chair...Okay so it's plastic, but it still makes that satisfying noise *nods* Tom and Ian were smacking each other over the head with it...It was fun...we have a folding chair...the SWE is now going up in the world *grins*

Life On Mars? )

Magic Dance )

Working Class Hero )

All The Young Dudes )

So funny

Feb. 15th, 2003 12:34 am
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Very long but very funny )


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