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Another update about Jack. He's had another bunch of check ups at the vets and in himself he's about better - he's got his attitude back and his naughtiness back. But he still has the gaping hole in his face where the drain was - and this is where we run into a few problems. The vet had hoped that the hole would heal up itself - but we're not too sure whether that will happen since his saliva gland has started working again and the saliva is coming OUT OF THE HOLE. So it's constantly wet and dripping and instead of healing there is a chance the gland and the wound can fuse to make a perminant hole! (It has a techincal name but I don't remember it). The vet says it's just a mattr of waiting and seeing what happens before deciding where to go next. She may need to reoperate which she doesn't really want to do because it'll be hard due to all the scar tissue there. The hole may still heal itself. Or there may just be a hole there orever providing it's not too messy. I really hope it heals up though!

In other news... I twisted my knee on the Wii Fit. It hurt. Go me! It's a fun little thing - but I'm a bit pissed off because before I bought it, I checked around for a max. weight on it and couldn't find anything, but when it arrived I'm actually too heavy for it (Yes, I'm THAT heavy), and it kept switching itself off when I stood on it - Nothing like having a piece of machinery tell you you're a fat cow! But we found a way around it >.> to um... cheat the machine into thinking I'm lighter - because the only reason I ordered the damn machine was to lose weight!

Still addicted to [livejournal.com profile] anime_lj_tcg and think people should join and say I referred you! Free cards yay!

Also still addicted to Last Chaos - finally got arround to reinstalling it.

I also reinstalled The Movies, and The Sims plus a bunch of games to use on ScummVM.
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Everyone who likes Trading Cards should join [livejournal.com profile] anime_lj_tcg Because it is fun and addictive!


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