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2007-11-13 08:50 pm

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My Fozzy package came in the mail on Saturday. YAY. It was pretty fun opening it all up. The DVD cover is signed, but not sealed, which is an added bonus. It's kind of a long story, but I bought the DVD - "Unleashed, Uncensored, Unknown" - off of ebay a few years back, but it was actually a copy that only plays on a DVD recorder. Well, many moons ago, during an email conversation with Mark Willis (Fozzy's Manager) this got brought up and so he sent me an orignal, sealed copy free of charge, but since the DVD had stopped being produced, I never actually opened it and it's lived in a drawer. Now that Rich has done these extra copies, and sent them out UNsealed, it means I can watch the DVD again YAY! However, the All That Remains CD IS sealed, so I may sell that since it isn't signed and I already have it. But the guitar plectrum is pretty cool, it's black with 'Chris Jericho' written on it in gold.

But damn Rich Ward and all his cool stuff he's brought out! I so want the "Fozzy Rarities vol. 1" and "The Duke - Demos of Change". I need to save up!! GAH! I love his voice so damn much!!

In other news, my paid account expired and it's like 10 days til pay day and out of that I need to buy all my friend's xmas gifts, buy groceries and pay my catalogue monthly payment, oh and the dentist too since he's no longer NHS >.< stupid dentist.
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2006-06-19 08:49 pm

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Completed my Leon / I Give To You - The Duke claim at [livejournal.com profile] kh_songset check 'em out HERE
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2006-06-03 06:47 pm

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Finished my Rich Ward claim at [livejournal.com profile] 10variations. Icons are This Way
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2005-12-13 12:21 am

6 Rich Ward Icons for [livejournal.com profile] vowel_icons icontest

[A] Anguish
[E] Electric[I] Immune
DramaticNon 100x100Lyric*
[O] Ordinary
[U] Unique[Y] Yearning
Tiny TextRepeat Picture

* Lyric taken from the song "Immune" by the Duke aka Rich Ward
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2005-11-01 09:42 pm

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Wheeeeee Update time!!!

So October is gone and November is here...

One the 5th of October, Mum & I got invited to go to Nottingham to see the one and only Donny Osmond on part of his "In It For Love 2005 Tour". It was a rush to get finished at work and make it back in time for the ride to Nottingham, but we managed it, and it was a wonderful night! We bought an official programme and a Donny scarf (which my Mum stole to wave above her head throughout the show). The person who drove us there bought me a Donny keyring too.

The set was great, he did a wide range of songs, ranging from his new material, to early Osmond Brothers material, some from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, some broadway classics. He did a lot of dancing, and the interaction with the crowd was amazing!!

On the 8th of October, we went down to the Village Hall for a charity event named "For Rock's Sake" in aid of British Red Cross. Rob Benson and Lebonese Georgie were playing, so it was obvious that I had to go!! I <3 my guys!! The show was great, a good mix of T-Rex, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, John Lennon, Guns n' Roses and probably some others as well. And as always I got my hugs and kisses from the boys, I swear Georgie gets sexier everytime I see him!!

On October 21st I went to see FOZZY at the Charlotte in Leicester. I had to catch the bus to Sleaford, then the train to Nottingham, then change there and get a train to Leicester. I got lost completely in Leicester, it took me forever to find the Charlotte >.< I had to ask about 20 people for directions at least! But eventually I found it and got to wait in the cold for like an hour before we got to go in. I'm not sure if there was a cloakroom - if there was I certainly didn't find it! So I had to carry my heavy luggage bag on my shoulder all night and it killed x.x

But the show was rocking! A nice mix of songs from all 3 albums. I was worried they weren't going to do "To Kill A Stranger" but they did it during the encore YAY! I really love Fozzy shows, they really get the crowd involved! And Rich Ward crowd surfed while playing guitar! He rules!!! Speaking of which, incase you haven't heard already I MET RICH WARD AFTER THE SHOW!!! I got to talk to him and have my photo taken with him and get a hug and also got his autograph yay!!

After the show I got lost AGAIN! And had some really nice people show me back to the station, from there I had to catch a train back to Nottingham, but then there was like a 6-7 hour wait, so I stayed at a B&B just 2 minutes from the station - if that! I stayed in a single room with a shower, it was a quite nice room, plenty of space for what it was!! There was a tv (which I didn't use since I didn't get there til gone 2am) and a kettle, with free sachets of tea, coffee, white sugar, brown sugar, milk and coffee whitener. The bed was pretty comfy, but the room was a little too hot! But it was somewhere safe to sleep! Though I don't know why I paid extra for a shower coz there was no hot water >.< so I had to boil the kettle and fill the sink to wash. But apart from tat it was okay. Breakfast was included in the price, but I skipped it to catch my train.

Once back in Sleaford, I had to do the shopping with Mum LOL! I was knackered when I got home!!

Well that's my gigs updated, I already uploaded my Fozzy photos, so I will leave you with KITTY PHOTOS!!!

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2005-10-28 06:20 pm

Rich Ward - Musicon100 - Complete

[x] Subject: Rich Ward - "The Duke" - (Fozzy, Stuck Mojo, Sickspeed/Cafu)
[x] Theme(s): Forbidden, Rose, Crash & Burn, Hot, Crush, Disease, Be Mine, Love, Crazy, Hero, Don't Leave, Tears, Crack, Loser, Beautiful, Only One, Bliss, Pain, Words, Sin, Hatred, Memory, Dream, Breakdown, Thinking of You, I'm Sorry, Black, Kiss, Torn, Death, Magic, Blue, Not Now, Silence, Gone, Fantasy, Luck, Silver, Gold, Alone, Close to You, Let Go, Caught, Hello, Goodbye, Cool, No One Knows, Red, Afterglow, White
[x] Completed: 100 / 100
[x] Warnings/Disclaimers: Language
[x] Credits: Comment and credit darkranger @ LJ or raynebowranger @ GJ if using (Textless are NOT bases). See my User Info for brush / font / texture credits etc.
[x] Song Download(s): Sample tracks can be downloaded from HERE, streaming media is also available


More Behind the Cut )
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2005-10-22 11:40 pm

Fozzy - The Charlotte, Leicester - 21/10/2005

Fozzy Pictures ... Update to follow. I haven't edited these at all, they're just the low res pics as they came off the CD, so there is a little red eye and blurriness and all that jazz! Clicky the thumbnails ^_^

Cut for those with slower connections )
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2005-06-17 07:15 pm

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An Update! Wooooo!

Wow O.o I've really neglected this thing lately...My bad!

So...what's been happening with me? Not all that much really...What a busy life I lead lol. Although I have made some great new friends through my RPG Shiva_Dancing I love them all!!! But don't worry, I love you all too!!!

My baby kitties should be old enough to get next weekend!!! I can't believe it's been 15 months since Salem died! I'm getting two kittens from a local farmer, so they can play and grow together! I can't wait to go pick them! Although they'll be little handfuls of trouble >.< and I'll probably have to get up earlier in a morning...I hate mornings!

If you haven't already done so - Go out and buy "MY KUNG FU IS GOOD" by THE DUKE!!! It is really amazing! Even if you're not a fan of the Duke you'll still love it!!! The lyrics are ace, full of emotion and feeling and the music is just amazing! Everybody should own a copy! Rich has done an excellent job on it! AND HE MENTIONED ME IN THE LINER NOTES!!! Yes! If you read the little booklet that comes with it...Under The Duke Family I AM MENTIONED! <---- My claim to fame! *fan girlie moment* I'm done!

I have discovered a new obsession...Final Fantasy Yaoi...Yes it is true...I am addicted...So anyone feeling kind who would like to buy me doujinshis for my 21st Birthday (Sept 22) is more than welcome to! *g*

*pout* I've been suffering nose bleeds again...I think my BP is up again, stupid BP...Especially since I have to go see my weight specialist again soon...I'm sure I've gained weight again...I will be pretty one day dammit!!!

Love you all! Remember if you want to get hold of me, I'm on AIM like...most the time. Reach me at RaynebowRanger ^_^ *hugs*
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2005-03-03 10:52 pm

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I think I am a true Fozzy addict...I need and crave mucho Fozzy-ness and I don't think I want to be cured!!!

I won the "Fozzy: Unleashed, Uncensored, Unknown" DVD yesterday after placing a £26 bid just before the end...Much to my Mum's anger since she said £20 max!...Oops? So, I'm hoping that arrives tomorrow!!!

My "Break Down The Walls" VHS arrived today, I know it's a 2001 piece but it's still fantastic! Apart from the beard...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING CHRIS?! Just...NO!!! I loved seeing Moongoose McQueen and Jericho turning into a fanboy and marking over him!!! Funny cute fluff!

My application to join the Fozzy Street Team was accepted and my promotional posters are on their way! Coolness!

And I have to say...The Duke is gorgeous...Seriously!!! I never used to find him attractive, I've always loved his talent and his long hair was cool but now he is just getting hotter by the day!!!
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2005-02-14 07:35 pm

fjdsfgjalfljhafgs I <3 The Duke!!!

My goodness...The Duke aka Rich Ward is so damn bad for my heart rate and blood pressure!!!

I was surfing round his official site and he's put a new commentary up from an Internet Cafe in London and *is still dieing happily* FOZZY ARE COMING BACK TO ENGLAND IN APRIL!!! That's like TWO months like REALLY SOON!!! I hope they come to Nottingham again!!! *ravages The Duke* Damn I'm all excited and hyper now!!!

We are all having an amazing time. Last night was the last FOZZY show and it was an amazing gig. I can't believe it — four shows in three days and all four shows were sell-outs. I was told that over a hundred people were turned away at both Nottingham and the London gigs. To those of you who didn't get in, we are coming back in late April for a few more FOZZY gigs and two weeks with THE DUKE band, so we'll make it up to you. I have to say that I'm having the time of my life. Eating pub food, watching 'proper' football on the widescreen and playing metal for some of the best music fans in the world.

Gosh!!! I may get to see FOZZY again and THE DUKE!! His solo stuff is really amazing!!! Okay I need to breathe and calm down LOL!