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My Fozzy package came in the mail on Saturday. YAY. It was pretty fun opening it all up. The DVD cover is signed, but not sealed, which is an added bonus. It's kind of a long story, but I bought the DVD - "Unleashed, Uncensored, Unknown" - off of ebay a few years back, but it was actually a copy that only plays on a DVD recorder. Well, many moons ago, during an email conversation with Mark Willis (Fozzy's Manager) this got brought up and so he sent me an orignal, sealed copy free of charge, but since the DVD had stopped being produced, I never actually opened it and it's lived in a drawer. Now that Rich has done these extra copies, and sent them out UNsealed, it means I can watch the DVD again YAY! However, the All That Remains CD IS sealed, so I may sell that since it isn't signed and I already have it. But the guitar plectrum is pretty cool, it's black with 'Chris Jericho' written on it in gold.

But damn Rich Ward and all his cool stuff he's brought out! I so want the "Fozzy Rarities vol. 1" and "The Duke - Demos of Change". I need to save up!! GAH! I love his voice so damn much!!

In other news, my paid account expired and it's like 10 days til pay day and out of that I need to buy all my friend's xmas gifts, buy groceries and pay my catalogue monthly payment, oh and the dentist too since he's no longer NHS >.< stupid dentist.


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