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[x] Subject: Rich Ward - "The Duke" - (Fozzy, Stuck Mojo, Sickspeed/Cafu)
[x] Theme(s): Forbidden, Rose, Crash & Burn, Hot, Crush, Disease, Be Mine, Love, Crazy, Hero, Don't Leave, Tears, Crack, Loser, Beautiful, Only One, Bliss, Pain, Words, Sin, Hatred, Memory, Dream, Breakdown, Thinking of You, I'm Sorry, Black, Kiss, Torn, Death, Magic, Blue, Not Now, Silence, Gone, Fantasy, Luck, Silver, Gold, Alone, Close to You, Let Go, Caught, Hello, Goodbye, Cool, No One Knows, Red, Afterglow, White
[x] Completed: 100 / 100
[x] Warnings/Disclaimers: Language
[x] Credits: Comment and credit darkranger @ LJ or raynebowranger @ GJ if using (Textless are NOT bases). See my User Info for brush / font / texture credits etc.
[x] Song Download(s): Sample tracks can be downloaded from HERE, streaming media is also available


Date Started: 28/10/2005
Date Finished: 23/11/2005

[1] Forbidden
[2] Rose[3] Crash and Burn
[4] Crush
[5] Hot[6] Disease
[7] Be Mine
[8] Love[9] Crazy
[10] Hero
[11] Don't Leave[12] Tears
[13] Crack
[14] Loser[15] Beautiful
[16] Only One
[17] Bliss[18] Pain
[19] Words[20] Sin[21] Hatred
[22] Memory
[23] Dream[24] Breakdown
[25] Thinking of You[26] I'm Sorry[27] Black
[28] Kiss
[29] Torn[30] Death
[31] Magic
[32] Blue[33] Not Now
[34] Silence
[35] Gone[36] Fantasy
[37] Luck
[38] Silver[39] Gold
[40] Alone
[41] Close to You[42] Let go
[43] Caught
[44] Hello[45] Goodbye
[46] Cool
[47] No One Knows[48] Red
[49] Afterglow[50] White[51] A/C
[52] A/C
[53] A/C[54] A/C
[55] A/C
[56] A/C[57] A/C
[58] A/C
[59] A/C[60] A/C
[61] A/C
[62] A/C[63] A/C
[64] A/C
[65] A/C[66] A/C
[67] A/C
[68] A/C[69] A/C
[70] A/C
[71] A/C[72] A/C
[73] A/C
[74] A/C[75] A/C
[76] A/C
[77] A/C[78] A/C
[79] A/C
[80] A/C[81] A/C
[82] A/C
[83] A/C[84] A/C
[85] A/C
[86] A/C[87] A/C
[88] A/C
[89] A/C[90] A/C
[91] A/C
[92] A/C[93] A/C
[94] A/C
[95] A/C[96] A/C
[97] A/C
[98] A/C[99] A/C
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