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So, on Tuesday 22nd I shall be a whole quarter of a century old. It's quite scary to think just how little I have done with my life, yet at the same time I know that I am the only one who can change it's direction, and even though I have no money and a crap job, I'm happy. My mum is always saying how can I be happy always stuck at home with no social life outside of the internet and no proper career, but I am. I love spending time with mum, and I have all my online friends and I have Gina ♥.

Speaking of Gina, her birthday gift for me came today and I had to put it on the shelf until Tuesday - It's a slow torture, I want to open it. But, at the same time I'm glad I've been forced to wait since it is probably the only gift I've got.

Mum is making me a cake, and she says I can order myself a game or something on Tuesday when her money goes into her account, I just won't have it on my actual birthday. But it's the thought that counts!

In other news, was off work Thursday and Friday with sickness, beginning to get over it now though, but my stomach is still very tender and not liking a whole lot of food.

Been having a blast in the roleplays I'm in. My baby [livejournal.com profile] shiva_dancing finally got End-Game underway and I'm really pleased with the turn out. A few people didn't join in, but a lot of the members did. So, yay for group events! I'm also having great fun at [livejournal.com profile] timeandtides, the cast is so friendly and a lot of fun! So, yay roleplay!

Also been trying to get a higher ranking for my Pin Mastery in TWEWY. I'm still at a rank D, so I stole the spare DS to mingle with, printed me off a guide and aim to get higher!
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Welcome to the Under Ground Grand Hotel
Est. 2007 / Reset 2008
This is the story of the level 3 prisoners from U.S Federal Prison, Underground Hotel, built 30 meters beneath Long Island. The prisoners who enjoy life to the fullest call it the "Undergrand Hotel". Join us and shape your destiny - will you sink or swim? Do you have the inner strength to survive or will you become victim to the lonliness?
The Game

[livejournal.com profile] welcometotheugh is a free-form, multi-fandom roleplay game set in an underground prison. We are currently in the process of restarting the game from scratch and are looking to bring in new players. People of all abilities are welcome - but it should be noted that the game contains mature content and a lot of yaoi.
Game Links

Under Grand Hotel

[livejournal.com profile] welcometotheugh is a prison-esque roleplay based and set around the yaoi manga "Under Grand Hotel" by the wonderful Sadahiro Mika. Please support her by buying these mangas! And check out the English scanlations at Nakamanga
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Hey everyone! I hope you're having a good Easter and that the Easter Bunny brought you all chocolate! James and Dawn came up for Sunday dinner which was nice. ANd I spent some of the evening playing Singstar! *so addicted*

Anywho... I come seeking the help of all my friends who like to roleplay... Two of my comms are in serious need of activity, and I think they need some fresh blood to help that happen.

First of all there is my Final Fantasy RP [livejournal.com profile] shiva_dancing that restarted not so long ago - plenty of popular FF and KH characters are still available, and everyone is super friendly.

Next is my UGH RP [livejournal.com profile] welcometotheugh - even though it's based on the UGH manga, it's a multifandom roleplay and it needs new faces - both prisoners and staff are welcome - especially badass guys!
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If you like roleplaying, yaoi and KINK come along and join [livejournal.com profile] palaceofstars because it is fun and more members would make it even more fun. And you could get the chance to play with Slave!Squall OHYES!

If you like roleplaying, yaoi and prison life come along and join [livejournal.com profile] welcometotheugh because new members make me happy!

If you like roleplaying, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and easy going open plots come along and join shiva_dancing, because activity makes me smile.
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YAY!! My Mum let me order a DS Lite from my catalogue!! It will be here in the next 28 days!!

I wanted to get an original DS with 2 games for £119, but it wasn't available anymore, so I tried an original DS with one game for £99 - but it also wasn't available, so I've got a DS Lite with no games for £99 plus two games for £20 each!

Will have to save a little money from my wages next month (or beg Dad) to get KH:CoM and one of the Nintendogs games.

On the other end of the scale, I've been feeling really teary-eyed and down today and I don't know why. Part of me just wants to sob. Mew, I don't know, maybe it's just one of those things, you know?

I'm hoping Nick gets his cute ass butt online soon so we can finish our rather kinky pervy roleplay ^_^

Really need to work on Kyo's profile at [livejournal.com profile] lovephotograph soon! My poor muse misses his hapless Sasu uke!

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Mew ;.; I've got such a strong urge to RP but there's like no one online, and I don't have AIM on this computer which makes things harder - I have YIM though - will probably need to remove it when Dad finds out. God I can't wait until my computer is fixed!! I'm so behind on AIM and icons!!

I want to RP!!

1) Riku x Sora
2) Seifer x Squall
3) Leon x Sora

EDIT: Oh hell... I gave in and downloaded AIM >.> I'm so going to get shot! Soooo... anyone wanna play?
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An Update! Wooooo!

Wow O.o I've really neglected this thing lately...My bad!

So...what's been happening with me? Not all that much really...What a busy life I lead lol. Although I have made some great new friends through my RPG Shiva_Dancing I love them all!!! But don't worry, I love you all too!!!

My baby kitties should be old enough to get next weekend!!! I can't believe it's been 15 months since Salem died! I'm getting two kittens from a local farmer, so they can play and grow together! I can't wait to go pick them! Although they'll be little handfuls of trouble >.< and I'll probably have to get up earlier in a morning...I hate mornings!

If you haven't already done so - Go out and buy "MY KUNG FU IS GOOD" by THE DUKE!!! It is really amazing! Even if you're not a fan of the Duke you'll still love it!!! The lyrics are ace, full of emotion and feeling and the music is just amazing! Everybody should own a copy! Rich has done an excellent job on it! AND HE MENTIONED ME IN THE LINER NOTES!!! Yes! If you read the little booklet that comes with it...Under The Duke Family I AM MENTIONED! <---- My claim to fame! *fan girlie moment* I'm done!

I have discovered a new obsession...Final Fantasy Yaoi...Yes it is true...I am addicted...So anyone feeling kind who would like to buy me doujinshis for my 21st Birthday (Sept 22) is more than welcome to! *g*

*pout* I've been suffering nose bleeds again...I think my BP is up again, stupid BP...Especially since I have to go see my weight specialist again soon...I'm sure I've gained weight again...I will be pretty one day dammit!!!

Love you all! Remember if you want to get hold of me, I'm on AIM like...most the time. Reach me at RaynebowRanger ^_^ *hugs*
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[livejournal.com profile] shiva_dancing is now open and looking for new members.

Characters from Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX are currently being accepted, with many of the main characters still available, and also OCs are being considered as well.

We are slash friendly.

For more information please check out our User Info
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Ian is making me update...And since he is my cult leader I should do what he says...

So...What have I been up to? Quite a lot for once actually...So I'll go through in date orders what I been upto...

Sat 19th July...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray, Roger, Barbera, Patrick, Karen, Duncan, Tish and I all went to Digby pub for a meal for my Nan's 80th Birthday...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray and I all arrived in a white stretch limo and had champagne...It was such a cool limo!!!

Sun 20th July...Mum and James went to the hospital to visit my other Nan, Kate dyed my hair Intense Red which was fun, I love spending time with her!!! When Mum and James got home we went to my Nan C's for Birthday tea

Tues 22nd July...My Nan K passed away in Boston hospital

Wed 23rd July...We all went over to Nan C's house because it was her actual birthday...Mum, Dad, James and I then went to the Pub for an Italian meal

Sat 26th July...PARTY IN THE CAR PARK!!!!! WOOOOOOOO...It was great!!! T-REX WOOOOOOO BABY!!! I had a really good day, there were lots of great acts, including the debut performance of the Paul James Band...They're very good!!! People have to buy their album if it gets released over here!!!

Ohhhh and Moley snuck me into the VIP Party...Go Me!!! I got to see Paul Fenton and Rob Benson YAY as well as Eleanor and Dave Major!!! It was a lot of fun...Apart from pete flirting with me!!

Tues 29th July...Was my Nan's funeral at north kyme...We had to walk behind the hearse to the church...It was horrible!!! But the service was nice and lots of people turned up. We then went back to my Auntie Janice's house. Last night was Paul James' bday party so we went down for awhile, I made Paul a card!! And he loved it

So that's my hectic time...As well as that lot I have also watched "Ready to Rumble" twice...It's so funny...and you might want to save this because I may never say it again but GOLDBERG IS COOL IN IT!!!...I thin David Arquette (sp?) is cute and soooooo funny...I love him in RtR and See Spot Run!!!


Or in the words of Ian "the Genius" Hetherington "Who cares what King would do...WHAT WOULD IAN DO?!"

So if you ever find yourself in times of trouble...ask yourself...What Would Ian Do?! WWID...(In most cases it would be to put headphones in and play very loud angry music...like Limp Bizkit for example)


I finally got jess' letter written and now I made a start on Lorie's!!!

If anyone wants to buy Krissy a birthday present and money isn't an issue...Krissy would like this muchly

Oooooo Dave and Linda Major are performing at the pub tomorrow!!! And then Saturday we're going to Sleaford to an Acoustic night!!!

Tom doesn't love us anymore he has dumped us for his X-Box!!! Evil Bastard!!!

I want to thank Lorie and Jenny for supporting me lots lately!!! love you both muchly!!!

Hmmmm I think that's about it!!! Now I gotta write a review on PitCP on the T-Rex Forum for Rob



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