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*blows away the dust and the cobwebs*

Hello journal, it's been awhile. I'm not sure how many people are still out there, but I'll type to blank air if I must. If there are still people out there then I hope you are all well, safe and happy. I often find myself thinking about my journal friends of days gone by and wondering how they are and what they're doing. And just know that even if we never speak, I still love each and every one of you.

As usual with these rare, long updates, it'll be pretty picture heavy. Enjoy the ride. )
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Lady settling into her new home with cuddles - October 9th, 2010.

Plenty more under the cut )
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Lady settling into her new home with cuddles - October 9th, 2010.

Plenty more under the cut )
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So, hectic but fantastic weekend. James, Dawn and Dylan drove up Friday afternoon, dropped Dylan off at ours before James & Dawn headed to a hotel in Lincoln for the night. He is the most beautiful and wonderful baby in the world! He was so well behaved. I played with him on his playmat when I got home from work on Friday, while watching the CBeebies Bedtime hour.

Mum put him to bed and looked after him overnight. Once I got up I changed the sheets of my bed ready for James and Dawn staying, and then went downstairs and fed Dylan his dinner. I also changed his nappy for the first time ever. Luckily it was only a wee nappy, not a poop nappy.

James and Dawn came back from Lincoln with new toys for Dylan - a musical sort and shape helicoptor, a tamborine and a In The Night Garden book. Saturday was also bathnight for Dylan.

Once he was in bed, all of us adults had a Chinese takeaway and then Dad, James, Dawn and I played Singstar and Mum went to bed.

Demoted to the uncomfortable sofa for the night and awoken at 7am by a giggling baby waving at me. I fed him his breakfast and then played on the mat with him while Mum cleaned up.

Nan came over for dinner. A family meal to celebrate a joint Father's Day/James' Birthday. It's strange. My brother was born on Father's Day in 1981, and this year, his first ever Father's Day falls on his Birthday.

James, Dawn and Dylan left late afternoon after taking Nan home. We're all pretty tired. Dylan is so heavy and so energetic. He can just about crawl backwards now and he can wriggle on his tummy. He has almost got the hang of crawling forward, and can kind of walk if he is held. When he's in his walker he can scoot all over the place pretty fast, especially when the postperson comes.

And now... Pic!Spam!! This is only a tiny selection of the MANY pictures I took. Save for the first one, Dad took that.

Dylan Michael Carr - June 2009 )
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Jack had his post-op check up today. It went pretty well. The vet is pleased with the way Jack's face is draining, but wants to wait until Wednesday until she takes the drain out or there is a chance of the wound sealing up with ick stuff still inside. She told us not to worry about the smell, that it's not infection, but the damaged tissue dieing. He is one stinky boy! She gaveus some more anti-inflammatries and told us to keep bathing his face like we have been doing.

He got his plaster off his manly bits too! The vet soaked it with alcohol, but Jack got unsettled and wouldn't let her remove it, so we had to do it when we got home once the alcohol had worked it's magic on the glue.

I took another picture of him, his face looks a whole lot better! But I'll still put it under a cut because of the size!

Looking better! )
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Thank you to everyone who has sent love and good wishes to Jack ♥ It really means a lot. We picked him up from the vets this evening. His castration went fine, but when they cut his face open to remove the saliva gland the whole area was too swollen and abscessed to operate on – so they drained it as much as they could and left the drain in his face so it continued to drain over the next few days.

He's pretty unsteady on his feet still and keeps crashing into everything with his lampshade collar!

We have to keep the area bathed and clean and as dry as possible. It’s pretty gross, it’s just oozing puss and blood and smells like raw meat – in fact cleaning him up is like cutting through a pre-packed joint of meat!

He has a bunch of tablets to take starting tomorrow, and they gave us some special dinner for him for the next few days. He’s back in on Monday for his post-op consultation and either Tuesday or Wednesday to have the drain removed and to decide where we go from here.

I’ll probably be up with him most of tonight, so feel free to spam my email/phone/whatever!

A photo of Jack post-op – not for the squeamish! )


Oct. 24th, 2007 07:02 pm
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I've had a few camera happy days, and so I thought I'd post a selection of the results!

Tandy & Charlie )

Jack )

Jessica )

Me )

The Parents )
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We picked Willis up today, he is such a perfect little fluffball! The big kittens aren't really sure what to make of him, they keep coming and having a look then going off again.

I took a bunch of photos! 18 in total, I sent them to my brother at full size/resolution and the zip was 15.8mbs... oops! Uploaded a few resized ones!

Kitties x 3 )

Put in another claim at [livejournal.com profile] 10variations for Cloud/Leon, still waiting to hear back from [livejournal.com profile] vowel_icons >.< Made and uploading a batch of Trish Stratus icons and Tomohisa Yamashita icons to my icon journal!
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Posted my KH2!Seifer claim at [livejournal.com profile] 10variations, you can see the icons Here. Not sure what picture to claim next! Still waiting to hear back on my Sora claim at [livejournal.com profile] vowel_icons.

Under the put is the meme thing gacked from [livejournal.com profile] semi_slashable
Meme thing )

I know I said I'd hijack the camera when we picked up Willis, but I took a few pictures of my kittens anyway, even though we don't have the new arrival yet!
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Wheeeeee Update time!!!

So October is gone and November is here...

One the 5th of October, Mum & I got invited to go to Nottingham to see the one and only Donny Osmond on part of his "In It For Love 2005 Tour". It was a rush to get finished at work and make it back in time for the ride to Nottingham, but we managed it, and it was a wonderful night! We bought an official programme and a Donny scarf (which my Mum stole to wave above her head throughout the show). The person who drove us there bought me a Donny keyring too.

The set was great, he did a wide range of songs, ranging from his new material, to early Osmond Brothers material, some from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, some broadway classics. He did a lot of dancing, and the interaction with the crowd was amazing!!

On the 8th of October, we went down to the Village Hall for a charity event named "For Rock's Sake" in aid of British Red Cross. Rob Benson and Lebonese Georgie were playing, so it was obvious that I had to go!! I <3 my guys!! The show was great, a good mix of T-Rex, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, John Lennon, Guns n' Roses and probably some others as well. And as always I got my hugs and kisses from the boys, I swear Georgie gets sexier everytime I see him!!

On October 21st I went to see FOZZY at the Charlotte in Leicester. I had to catch the bus to Sleaford, then the train to Nottingham, then change there and get a train to Leicester. I got lost completely in Leicester, it took me forever to find the Charlotte >.< I had to ask about 20 people for directions at least! But eventually I found it and got to wait in the cold for like an hour before we got to go in. I'm not sure if there was a cloakroom - if there was I certainly didn't find it! So I had to carry my heavy luggage bag on my shoulder all night and it killed x.x

But the show was rocking! A nice mix of songs from all 3 albums. I was worried they weren't going to do "To Kill A Stranger" but they did it during the encore YAY! I really love Fozzy shows, they really get the crowd involved! And Rich Ward crowd surfed while playing guitar! He rules!!! Speaking of which, incase you haven't heard already I MET RICH WARD AFTER THE SHOW!!! I got to talk to him and have my photo taken with him and get a hug and also got his autograph yay!!

After the show I got lost AGAIN! And had some really nice people show me back to the station, from there I had to catch a train back to Nottingham, but then there was like a 6-7 hour wait, so I stayed at a B&B just 2 minutes from the station - if that! I stayed in a single room with a shower, it was a quite nice room, plenty of space for what it was!! There was a tv (which I didn't use since I didn't get there til gone 2am) and a kettle, with free sachets of tea, coffee, white sugar, brown sugar, milk and coffee whitener. The bed was pretty comfy, but the room was a little too hot! But it was somewhere safe to sleep! Though I don't know why I paid extra for a shower coz there was no hot water >.< so I had to boil the kettle and fill the sink to wash. But apart from tat it was okay. Breakfast was included in the price, but I skipped it to catch my train.

Once back in Sleaford, I had to do the shopping with Mum LOL! I was knackered when I got home!!

Well that's my gigs updated, I already uploaded my Fozzy photos, so I will leave you with KITTY PHOTOS!!!



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