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I've decided I need a bookshelf my bedroom - nothing fancy just a piece of wood spanning the wall to put my books on, and some brackets, because the books are getting ruined by cat fur and sawdust in the other room. I'm not sure we have any suitable wood at the moment though >.<

I need to sort my wardrobe out. My mum has bought me a bunch of new clothes lately and at the moment they're shoved on the floor. I ordered some of those hangers where you can put a bunch of stuff on the same one to try ad make a little more space in my wardrobe, but they're not here yet.

Work is pissing me off and I'm not even back yet. We're supposed to do the big clean over summer - okay, no problem, it's hard work but I don't mind - however, we've had some building work done. The kids are back on Wednesday. The builders haven't finished yet. Which means wehave to work our butts off over the weekend and Tuesday to get the whole school clean! Talk about last minute!!

[livejournal.com profile] anime_lj_tcg is still consuming my being. It is so additive!! I never realised trading pixelated cards could be so much fun!! look at all my shiny cards. I still think you should al join, it's fun, addictive and kills time! Plus there are plenty of sexy cards to collect plus if you say I referred you I get free cards
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It's official - I FAIL at Warhawk. I was okay in the group game with a bunch of other people, but one on one with my brother I totally sucked!

Hectic weekend. Yesterday was the Digby Feast, spent most of the day down at the village hall, during the day time there were stalls and games and stuff, Mum was running a stall for LIVES where people paid to have a go at filling Annie with air - I did it on my first go! Yay! The school had a stall with a model of the village and old photos and log books, it was really interesting, so Dad brought Nan over for a while to see it. There was a photo of her two children who died and some of her best friend from school.

Then in the evening there was a skiffle and blues band - it was kinda weird, but it was all for a good cause. The tea chest bass was pretty cool though!

Catching up with my f-list now - soooo if I've missed anything you want me to see, reply here ^_^
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YAY!! My Mum let me order a DS Lite from my catalogue!! It will be here in the next 28 days!!

I wanted to get an original DS with 2 games for £119, but it wasn't available anymore, so I tried an original DS with one game for £99 - but it also wasn't available, so I've got a DS Lite with no games for £99 plus two games for £20 each!

Will have to save a little money from my wages next month (or beg Dad) to get KH:CoM and one of the Nintendogs games.

On the other end of the scale, I've been feeling really teary-eyed and down today and I don't know why. Part of me just wants to sob. Mew, I don't know, maybe it's just one of those things, you know?

I'm hoping Nick gets his cute ass butt online soon so we can finish our rather kinky pervy roleplay ^_^

Really need to work on Kyo's profile at [livejournal.com profile] lovephotograph soon! My poor muse misses his hapless Sasu uke!

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Okay people, advice time. I want to treat myself to something (obviously I'll have to save up for a few lot of months since my wage sucks). But do I go for:

  • A Gameboy Advance Pink - cheapest option but no games included
  • Nintendo DS Pink - costs more but has one of the dogs games included

    The other option is put the money towards a camera phone, since I'd really like one, but my current (non-camera) cell works fine right now and we have a spare in the cupboard, so it's not urgent.

    Or just save my money?
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    1. Comment here with 1 of your GJ interests and I'll pick a 2nd of your GJ interests and draw a combo-picture using the mighty MS Paint!!

    2. You have no say in what I draw for you, or in how much it will suck!

    3. Put this in your journal along with the pictures people drew for you.

    I suck at using Paint, but I'll try!

    Drawn for meeee )
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    My new rug came today! It's a purple daisy and really pretty! £3.99 from the Studio Catalogue! Also got a pack of birthday cards - now just need friends to send them to!!

    Next time I have some money I want to get a Cloudy Wolf ring and Griever bracelet! I already have a Griever pendant, but I really like the bracelet! Don't want the Griever ring though, reminds me too much of Rinoa *shudder*

    Speaking of which, am now further in FF8 than I was the last time I played! Have just entered Lunatic Pandora and defeated Fuu and Rai the first time, and now met them the second time when they run off and leave you fighting a thingymebobby. Haven't had a chance to play since!

    Speaking of Fu(u)jin, I miss Lain ;.; Like seriously, I miss talking to her, she always makes me feel good, it's like this gift she has!!

    Still need to make a Not Friends Only banners for my journal. Not sure whether to use Seifer/Squall or Leon/Cloud... Either way it won't be too good, I suck at banners!
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    Finally finished my Sora/Riku claim for [livejournal.com profile] pairgroup_icons hurrah!! Find 'em here. I'm pretty pleased with them, used a few different techniques and styles.

    Als prettified my user info up a little bit, still not as snazzy as some, but it's prettier than it was!!
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    An update? Shock!

    Been awhile since I did an update of real meaning... Infact, it's been about a month...

    Been back at work for 3 weeks and already my neck and back is hurting like the bitch it was before I went off sick. Mum asked if I wanted to go back to the doctors, but it's not worth the hassle and risk of losing my job, even if my boss is a complete and utter witch!!

    Got the next week off since it's half term - one of the plus sides of working in a school. I'll have to go in one day to do my cleaning though, but it's not too bad.

    The new kitten should be ready in two weeks or so. James and Dawn came down last weekend to pick which one they wanted. He's a white fluffball with the tiniest of blackish patches on the back of his head. He's gonna be called Willis, since my brother had a cat called Wilson (Mr Wilson actually) and Dawn had one named Thomas. We've started stocking up on items. Bought some new litter trays to replace the ones we have now, a new bowl too so Willis won't have his food eaten by the big babies. Gonna order This some time for my brother since it has most the essentials. Also ordered a travel kit with a water bowl and food bowl and such since the drive to theirs is about 4 hours and they'll be bringing Willis up every time they stay here.

    [EDIT] Not ordering that now since my brother doesn't like the bed >.> so gonna give him the green litter tray, bowl and pooper scoop and then buy another litter tray for here. [/EDIT]

    Slowly but surely getting there with my Soriku icon claim. 9 themed to finish and 24 A/C. Made 16 yesterday afternoon. Might make more later if I get time... I'm supposed to be hole punching meeting documents right now...

    Started playing FF8 again last Sunday. Am currently on disk 3 at the Lunar Base. So want to let Rinoa die in space but it's not gonna happen, stupid Square, forcing relationships on the main character >.< heyhow. Anyway, I'm already almost twice the levels I was in less time than I was first time round. I'm getting my head around the battle system slowly but surely.

    Since my Brother has a new found love for FF10, he's going to lend me it for a third time and force me to play for more than 2 hours ;.; but Tidus is such a prick and the grid is complex, I like easy things!

    LOL my LJ profile was selected for May 24th's Sticky Sight of the Moment at IBS it's no longer on the main page but it's on the archives!
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    Reorganised the Memories section at raynebow_icons @ GJ so it's easier to find stuff, and put up a new requests post.

    Almost broke my foot today *is clumsy* I dropped a huge bolder/rock from the rockery on my foot - it hurt like a bitch ;.; so as well as my fucked up neck and all I also have a black foot, far from my idea of fun!! But I'll survive no doubt ^_^

    Getting my hait cut on Wednesday, thinking of going with a Leon-esque type style, but not 100% sure yet, Mummy-dearest is going to pick up a hair magazine in town when she goes! I hate getting my hair cut, I don't know why, but I always have!

    My auntie had her hip & pelvis operated on today, she was late going down, so now we're sitting around the phone waiting to hear if she's okay. Her head is healing nicely, we went to see her yesterday and she looks quite good in herself, full of colour! So hopefully the op will go well and they'll start rehabilitating her tomorrow!! YAY!
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    I've been such a little Eljaywhore today!! So much more than usual - although I put it down to the fact I have been doing dataplates on the laptop and it gets extremely boring! Still have a ton to do but I'm taking a break for today from them cause of my shoulder, infact I shouldn't be typing this but I am!!

    Everyone is so happy about KH2, and that makes me oh so very jealous, Adrianna offered to pick it up for me when she goes to the States and loads of people have suggested importing it, but I have no idea if my NTSC-PAL converter works, I've never had reason to use it, I don't want to shell £30 odd for a game that I can't play, but May is so very very far away. Then again, I'm usually behind on fads, crazes and such (i.e FF8).

    I just made a sponge cake to go in the microwave. Kristina + flour + kitchen floor = mess, plus I couldn't find the weighing scales ANYWHERE, they've moved from the place they've lived the past 9 years!! So I kinda used a measuring jug and guessed, so it probably won't rise and will turn to goo - but the mixture tastes nice - why is it, even though raw eggs are bad for you raw cake batter/mixture/whatever tastes so good?!

    Anywho, need to stop procrastinating - Have some icon requests to fill - for Lain, and some weapons and some Kid icons for my icon community at GJ.

    My auntie was looking a lot more colourful last night, however they're not sending her to Queen's yet as there are no beds, so until they get a bed she has to lay at Grantham with a shattered pelvis and hip ._. the specialist said if the gash on her head had been 1mm longer, she would have died instantly, and if she drove with her seat further back, she'd have terrible internal injuries! So we have to be thankful that she's still with us!!

    Thank you to everyone who sent get well wishes and prayers, they're appreciated!

    Got my uncle Keith for tea tonight, my auntie Sandra and mum usually visit him once a week and take his shopping over and stuff, but since Sandra is in the hospital, a neighbour brought Keith over and Dad'll run him home later!

    I have to keep a close eye on my little kitten Charlie, he got himself in the lillies and has pollen all over him, I don't think he ate any but since they're poisonous to cats, I have to watch him closely, he's still eating and drinking and playing so I'm hoping he'll be okay.


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