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Greetings all,

Sorry I haven't updated in a while...I broke my internet! Only I could manage something like that LOL...Well I tried to install that latest IE version...BUT NO...The file became corrupt whilst downloading...Now LJ doesn't work on it, my hotmail only works sometimes on it LOL and other sites don't want to work...My Dad mends pc's for a living so I went to him and he tried to fix it in a number of ways, but it looks like the only way to fix it is a clean install of Windows, since IE is actually a part of the core XP programme >.< Stupid XP I never liked it!!! Well technically it's NOT my computer, it's my Dad's backup computer with all his work files on...can we say oops?! So, Dad's gonna buy me a new graphics card for my tower and I'll have my compie back in my room...though I don't have a desk anymore o.O LOL!!!

We've been totally re-doing the upstairs of our house...Mum decided she wanted a bed building with storage under it, and a full length wardrobe building, in order to do that, I had to have their old wardrobes and throw mine out. So we painted my room, it's a lilac type colour with a dark blue border, I also bought a new bookcase. Mum and Dad's room is still only half finished, so I have half their boxes in my room, so I can't finish my room until their stuff is done, they painted their walls light blue and white at the top with a Manchester City border LOL, the wardrobe is nearly finished, just needs the bottom runner and mirrors on the doors. The bed needs putting back together, finishing and painting, and then a carpet needs laying LOL. I still need to take some of my boxes back up and set my fish tank back up, that's currently in our living room...but I'm not taking it up until we're finished else it might get broken and my fish can't go in my Dad's tank because we have breeds that wouldn't get on and would kill each other. On top of all that, we also had our bathroom revinyled, and while we were doing the bedrooms we tool all the nails out every floorboard and replaced them with smaller screws to stop them squeeking!!!

Well, my parents are currently in Nottingham, visiting my older brother, James, so I've been left with pet-sitting duties, although it gets less and less each time, last week our little black cat, Magic, the stray that came to us 12/13 years ago got hit by a car out on the main road! I'm sure the car was speeding, the stupid bastards!!! We've lived here nearly 7 years and he's never come close to being ran over...He got hit by a car at our old house when he was a kitten, but he recovered, but this car killed him, we think it was instant...Some nice lady was driving along the road and saw him on the roadside and didn't want to drive by and leave him there, so she went to the people at number 4 (we're number 3, on the opposite side of the small road) and the people there knew we had a balck cat coz he used to sit at their pond (and eat their fish!!!) and so they came to see if our cat was in the house, but alas the cat that had been run over was ours...I wish I hadn't seen him because the way the car had hit him had pushed his eyeball out of the eye socket and it was just hanging there *shudders* and I can't get that image out of my head! It also smashed his mouth, his purdy majestic mouth...He didn't have a face like a normal cat - round and fluffy - it was shaped like a lion's face.

So now we have our little tabby kitty Jessica, or as I have been calling her - Jessicat - and our german shepard bitch Libby, our fish, and my little black rabbit, Bubble! We used to have two german shepard bitches - Mistie and Libby, our two black stray cats - Magic and Salem, our tabby kitty Jess and our fish and Bubble, so our house seems really quiet now!!! But Jessicat has become very clingy since Gic was killed, she used to be shy when we had Salem because he'd attack her and they had to be kept separate, but Gic was like a brother, they have been together since she was a little tiny kitten back in 1996, and they used to play and fight, she would wait til her was asleep then pounce on him and kiss him, but now she's constantly at my side, she decided it would be fun to wake me up at 6:50am today for some breakfast, and Libby was upstairs, she's supposed to stay downstairs because of her hips and her fur is molting, but she thought she'd wake me up as well! Damn the animals!!! I did get to sleep til almost 9, but then they wouldn't leave me alone until I got up!!!

LOL I was carrying boxes up earlier and sorting them out, I went into mum's room and since their bed isn't finished, the matress is on the floor, and who was sprawled out across the bed?! LIBBY!!! So I need to try and get rid of the dog hairs before tomorrow!!!

I am making a Moogle!!! (THEY ARE NOT UGLY FUCKERS IAN!!!!) They are beautiful creatures from Final Fantasy with little wings and pom-poms on their heads!!! I'm going to buy some material on Tuesday if it's not too expensive and make one!!! p00t!! Don't mind me...I'm going through a Final Fantasy 9 moment!!!

In other randomness...Wasn't Davy Jones just the cutest out of the Monkees?! Bless 'im!!! He was always my favourite!!! My order went Davy, Mickey, Mike and last but not least Peter!!! I used to love watching the Monkees on Nickelodeon when I was little LOL...I'm only 19 now...oops!!! I blame my parents!!!

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE They played "Ride a White Swan" by T.Rex (have to remeber to put T.Rex, not T-Rex, the latter is Rob Benson and Paul Fenton, aka Mickey's Finn's T-Rex or T-Rex - a Celebration of Marc and Mickey, T.Rex is Bolan) on the radio today!!! I love Lincs FM they have firm favourites and interactive jukebox and some quizzes and you can can give songs and answers by text on your mobile, and they played it for me, my name was read out and everything and I was told they hope my room looks nice when it's done!!! I'm loved at Lincs FM...They played "Life On Mars" for me the other night!!! I love top three countdown, they give you the words from the first line of a song that was one. two or three this week in a certain year of the UK charts! They also have Time of Your Life where they play 3 songs and you have to give the year!!! They played "November Rain" by Guns 'n' Roses, I love that song, but they only play the shortened version, which sucks coz my favourite bit is the last four or so minutes!!!

Well this is a looooooooong update so I'll end this here!!! Laters all

xx Kristina xx
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Ian is making me update...And since he is my cult leader I should do what he says...

So...What have I been up to? Quite a lot for once actually...So I'll go through in date orders what I been upto...

Sat 19th July...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray, Roger, Barbera, Patrick, Karen, Duncan, Tish and I all went to Digby pub for a meal for my Nan's 80th Birthday...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray and I all arrived in a white stretch limo and had champagne...It was such a cool limo!!!

Sun 20th July...Mum and James went to the hospital to visit my other Nan, Kate dyed my hair Intense Red which was fun, I love spending time with her!!! When Mum and James got home we went to my Nan C's for Birthday tea

Tues 22nd July...My Nan K passed away in Boston hospital

Wed 23rd July...We all went over to Nan C's house because it was her actual birthday...Mum, Dad, James and I then went to the Pub for an Italian meal

Sat 26th July...PARTY IN THE CAR PARK!!!!! WOOOOOOOO...It was great!!! T-REX WOOOOOOO BABY!!! I had a really good day, there were lots of great acts, including the debut performance of the Paul James Band...They're very good!!! People have to buy their album if it gets released over here!!!

Ohhhh and Moley snuck me into the VIP Party...Go Me!!! I got to see Paul Fenton and Rob Benson YAY as well as Eleanor and Dave Major!!! It was a lot of fun...Apart from pete flirting with me!!

Tues 29th July...Was my Nan's funeral at north kyme...We had to walk behind the hearse to the church...It was horrible!!! But the service was nice and lots of people turned up. We then went back to my Auntie Janice's house. Last night was Paul James' bday party so we went down for awhile, I made Paul a card!! And he loved it

So that's my hectic time...As well as that lot I have also watched "Ready to Rumble" twice...It's so funny...and you might want to save this because I may never say it again but GOLDBERG IS COOL IN IT!!!...I thin David Arquette (sp?) is cute and soooooo funny...I love him in RtR and See Spot Run!!!


Or in the words of Ian "the Genius" Hetherington "Who cares what King would do...WHAT WOULD IAN DO?!"

So if you ever find yourself in times of trouble...ask yourself...What Would Ian Do?! WWID...(In most cases it would be to put headphones in and play very loud angry music...like Limp Bizkit for example)


I finally got jess' letter written and now I made a start on Lorie's!!!

If anyone wants to buy Krissy a birthday present and money isn't an issue...Krissy would like this muchly

Oooooo Dave and Linda Major are performing at the pub tomorrow!!! And then Saturday we're going to Sleaford to an Acoustic night!!!

Tom doesn't love us anymore he has dumped us for his X-Box!!! Evil Bastard!!!

I want to thank Lorie and Jenny for supporting me lots lately!!! love you both muchly!!!

Hmmmm I think that's about it!!! Now I gotta write a review on PitCP on the T-Rex Forum for Rob

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Ack...A million years since I updated...Well Thursday night I went to the pub with Mum to see George perform...He rocks...He is amazing on guitar!!! And he has a really unique voice!!!

Rob was there and at first I thought he was mad with me or something because he blanked me, but then he waved but still didn't speak, I was sat on the floor and he came and knelt beside me and chatted, he told me Paul Fenton was coming down and he'd let me know when they'd be in the pub, so he took my mobile number *giggles*

Yesterday was my official 1 Year Anniversary *smiles* I love her to bits, I wish I could have stayed online with her *pouts* But Rob texted me to tell me they were at the pub...Chloe tried the guilt trip on me as if I wasn't feeling bad enough already *sighs* I just dunno where things stand or where they are going anymore

So I went down to the pub...Paul recognised me and hugged me and gave me a kiss *giggles* heh heh and he mentioned that I have one of the very last autographs from Mickey!!! That makes me feel so honoured and makes the DVD cover mean just so much more

Rob and I had a really long talk about Marc Bolan...well more he was telling me lots of stories about the real Marc and the truth behind the man, from what he's learnt from Mickey and Paul...I dunno whether they are private or not though so I best not say too much!!!

Rob asked me to go back down today...Barry was in (T-Rex's manager), I didn't really get to meet him as such because he left soon after their meal, but he looked nothing like I expected!!! Paul Fenton brought a folder of valuable memories over for me to look at...there were original photos, newspaper articles, things Marc had written by hand, a signed copy of Bolan's book, the
certificate that proves Paul has rights to the band names, just so many memories, personal memories, 40-odd years worth of Paul's life was in my hands *smiles*

OMG TOM IAN AND I ARE GOING TO WWE ROAD TO INSURREXTION!!!! Mum booked the tickets this morning!!!! Wooooooooooooo *Ric Flair impression* I can't wait it'll be so cool!!!

Weeeeee my Leap of Faith video came on Friday, I've already watched it 3 times...It is soooooooooo good...I love Matt and Jeff!!! I hope they reunite soon!!!
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One of the best songs to improve a mood = I Love to Boogie )

Well...Last night I started a new website, mainly to put my pictures of Rob somewhere...T-Rex Realm, so far I have only created the picture pages!!!

I got to speak to my baby this morning on the phone for quite awhile YAY, I love her to bits, she is my everything!!! I love talking to her!!! I won't be able to talk to her tomorrow unless her parents go out early, because I'm starting my new job!!! I'm really nervous about it *pouts*...I'm working from 11am til 5pm =( I'm gonna miss Julie, especially if I go to the quiz tomorrow night...i'll probably stay in...

I got an email from Marc Benson today...go me!!! hehe, that was cool!!!

I really must start my reply to my hobbit girl soon!!! *huggles Jen* she rocks!!!
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Telegram Sam )

1) Sam
2) Slim
3) Pete
4) Bobby
5) Jake

Hidden Names
1) Al "alright"
2) Nat "natural"
3) Tom "Automatic"
4) Cal "California"
5) Mat "Automatic"

I dunno if these are right, but apparently there are meant to be 10 names in "Telegram Sam"...I'll have to ask Rob sometime hehe!!! Woohoo he should hopefully be in the pub tomorrow night for the quiz =D YAY...I can't wait, it's gonna be a music quiz so I might actually know some answers!!!

Julie's online, yay!!! I love her so much...I feel like I'm losing her, I feel so far away from her, I feel like she wants to see other people *pouts*

I'm worried about my Frodo *huggles her* I hope everything is OK, hunny you know I'm here for you no matter what, right?? If you ever need me, I'm here!!! *big hobbit hugs for Frodo* Your Sam will protect you, and look after you!!! I wish I could do more for you *sends positive energy your way*

Life's An Elevator )

Dandy In The Underworld )
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I went to the hospital today...I had to have another internal scan...It was horrible, the Doctor was really rough with me and she rushed it, she hurt my insides *pouts* she wasn't nice like the last doctor I had!!! But on the up side, my cyst has gone...for now, it might come back, but things are looking good....I just wish I had some explanation for the pain I'm still getting though...

Mum and I were listening to Vinyl records earlier, I love the feel of vinyl, but I'm so scared of scratching it, escpecially dad's T-Rex albums!!! We listened to "The Glitter Sound"....Well "Let's Get Together Again" and "Angel Face"...My opinion is that Paul is better at singing them...

We also listened to Side A of "The Slider" by T-Rex...It has "Spaceball Ricochet" on it =D, it also has "Buick MacKaine" (sp?) which is amazing, i first heard it by Gun's and Roses when I was younger...only their version has "Fuck" in it about a million times....

Frodo is online YAY *snuggles her* hehe, she rocks...she is insane in a great way!!! I luv her to bits!!! We are having another one of our deranged mental convos that only we seem to find funny!!!

So far Amber and I have talked without arguing....GO US!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Kurt Angle/Rik Flair moment*

Julie is online, she isn't in a good mood though because her hair dye didn't go right *huggles her*

Not long now until Thursday....Oh wait....Rob might even be down on Sunday *rubs hands together*...I wish they would put some information up on the site about Mickey's funeral...i think they should let me be a webmistress O=) Rob and Paul F could phone me with information and I could update the site O=)

I wish my hobbit would get her ass online!!! *growls at Jenny*
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Yay I've been with my Baby 10 Months today *dances around* I love her to bits, I love her more with every moment that passes *kisses her softly* Love you Julie!!! We've had 8 months of borrowed time, let's hope we have many more *nuzzles you*

I've been in bed most of today...*looks around innocently* No school is great...I love it when I have no school...It rules!!!

I slept until afternoon then listened to some music and watched the Cast Commentary of FotR...Dom is sooooooooooo funny in it, he rocks *pets him*...he and Billy are great!!!

I really need to get over my Marc obsession...

Spaceball Ricochet )

Ballrooms of Mars )

He is amazing...My daddy got a really nice T-Rex t-shirt today...it's black and has Marc and Mickey on it...I want one too....I want a nice dark purple one...But anyways...One week until Rob performs *crosses fingers* I can't wait!!!

I hope Frodo gets online soon =) she rocks!!! *huggles her*...Woohoo my other hobbit is online hehe, she's great too!!!!

I got to go to the hospital tomorrow for some more scans *pouts* I hate hospitals...especially when I need a scan...It is horrible having to go in a car with a full bladder....=(
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"Yes we are all part of the T.Rex family, so lets all come together and find great strength, lets enjoy the music we all love, absorb the negitivity and blow it out to space!
Rob xx"

^^ A message from Rob to the T-Rex forum, I think it's sweet that he plays an active role in the forum and talks to the fans...only he knows my username so I have to be careful what I say about him *innocent face*

I went to school today....joy oh joys...I went to IT with Tom and we got to draw...........wait for it...........SEEDS......GO US!!!!!......Someone shoot me now......I guess it wasn't all bad...Was doing Neil quotes with Mr Healey...

"We sow the seeds...nature grows the seeds...then, we eat the seeds...then we sow the seeds...nature grows the seeds...then, we eat the seeds...then......."

Hehe the Young Ones rule!!! I love Neil and Vyv they rock my socks hehe!!!

My baby gots LJ yay =) [livejournal.com profile] krissbaby I love her tons, she is my everything *dances around*

*cries* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO one of my baby fishies has died....*goes to remove it from tank* *pouts* no fair!!!

Telegram has 5 different peoples' names mentioned
1) Telegram Sam
2) Golden Nose Slim (Well i'm guessing it's a name...where's Rob when you need him)
3) Purple Pie Pete
4) Bobby
5) Jungle Faced Jake....There you go Daddy....5 names!!!

"Me I funk but I don't care, I ain't no square with my corkscrew hair"

My mum found the "Best of the 20th Century Boy" cassette....YAY....I've been looking for it for ages, i lost it at the old house and haven't seen it since...We also have the "Best of the 20th Century Boy" CD...but it has less songs hehe....OK OK I'm obsessed....but Marc...Mickey...T-Rex...*sighs* I love them all!!!!

Anyone wanna play Tig???...OK OK I'm retarded I know...I made my parents watch that part of the DVD and I was cracking up because...well it's funny...really really funny...and now they think I'm insane....
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Hello again, General Studies was kinda cancelled anyway due to exams so I got to come home early YAY go me!!! I got to make pretty icons when I got home *strokes Rob and Marc and Mickey icons* I love my T-Rex boys!!!!

Rob is a sweetie, I love talking to him, I hope I get to spend time with him next Thursday...he is really interesting, we talked about Marc, and performing Marc's songs and Mickey, and Paul...He lets you into his life and his dream!!!

I agree with my Frodo about bands such as BSB and N-Sync...they need to burn slow and painfully...It is the masters such as T-Rex, Queen, David Bowie, The Who, The Beatles, The Sweet, and Elvis that paved the way for the music industry!!!!! *huggies Frodo* Keep smiling hunny!!!

Julie and I have sorted everything out and talked about our problems and we are fine now YAY!!! *snuggles her* I love her to bits, she is my everything...I wish so much I could share this new life with her, I'm sure she would love Paul, Paul and Rob. *nuzzles Julie* Love you baby girl!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Jenny is great hehe, she makes me smile so much!!! Dammit I was gonna put a picture of her up....but I don't have the link anymore...it's a cute pic too...she's at school...AND...doing work =P

My tummy hurts so much...I don't think i'll be late to bed tonight *pouts*


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