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Ack...A million years since I updated...Well Thursday night I went to the pub with Mum to see George perform...He rocks...He is amazing on guitar!!! And he has a really unique voice!!!

Rob was there and at first I thought he was mad with me or something because he blanked me, but then he waved but still didn't speak, I was sat on the floor and he came and knelt beside me and chatted, he told me Paul Fenton was coming down and he'd let me know when they'd be in the pub, so he took my mobile number *giggles*

Yesterday was my official 1 Year Anniversary *smiles* I love her to bits, I wish I could have stayed online with her *pouts* But Rob texted me to tell me they were at the pub...Chloe tried the guilt trip on me as if I wasn't feeling bad enough already *sighs* I just dunno where things stand or where they are going anymore

So I went down to the pub...Paul recognised me and hugged me and gave me a kiss *giggles* heh heh and he mentioned that I have one of the very last autographs from Mickey!!! That makes me feel so honoured and makes the DVD cover mean just so much more

Rob and I had a really long talk about Marc Bolan...well more he was telling me lots of stories about the real Marc and the truth behind the man, from what he's learnt from Mickey and Paul...I dunno whether they are private or not though so I best not say too much!!!

Rob asked me to go back down today...Barry was in (T-Rex's manager), I didn't really get to meet him as such because he left soon after their meal, but he looked nothing like I expected!!! Paul Fenton brought a folder of valuable memories over for me to look at...there were original photos, newspaper articles, things Marc had written by hand, a signed copy of Bolan's book, the
certificate that proves Paul has rights to the band names, just so many memories, personal memories, 40-odd years worth of Paul's life was in my hands *smiles*

OMG TOM IAN AND I ARE GOING TO WWE ROAD TO INSURREXTION!!!! Mum booked the tickets this morning!!!! Wooooooooooooo *Ric Flair impression* I can't wait it'll be so cool!!!

Weeeeee my Leap of Faith video came on Friday, I've already watched it 3 times...It is soooooooooo good...I love Matt and Jeff!!! I hope they reunite soon!!!
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Last night was so cool, the band were good and the company was amazing!!! Pete and Mark spent the entire night "arguing" over whose "bird" I was...even though they were just messing, it felt good to have people fighting over me rather than taking the piss...All night they fought over who could hold me and both kept kissing me hehe, it was so much fun...Mark had always been an untouchable figure at school yet talking to him last night it was if I'd always been really close to him!!!

Mark and I had a heart to heart about the mistakes he has made in his life and Danni...he is so deep once you get past his cockiness!!!

Pete and I had a slow dance and both of them kept making me dance lots, they wanted me to relax and enjoy myself and block out everyone else, Pete got my dad to take loads of photo's of the 3 of us...I can't believe how they brought me in and involved me...Pete said it was so nice to see a familiar smiling face from school, it's been about 2 years since I saw him, 4 years since I saw Mark...they are such nice lads now!!!

I got another e-mail off Marc...the funeral went well, as far as funerals can and Paul Fenton and Rob benson send their love to me =)!!!

I spoke to Julie on the phone for 3hrs 32mins today YAY!!! I love her so much, we had a cry and a heart to heart Baby I love you, you won't lose me, I'm yours!!! We also had some fun ;)...It was nice to just sit and talk, but I burnt my arm =(...twice!!!

Saw Mark and Pete today...both extremely hung over...i doubt either of them can remember what they were saying last night hehe!!! They were both on the sofa under a blanket with their legs over each other *giggles*...I took some old pictures of them round...it was funny!!!

I must get Pete and Mark's addresses and numbers before they go home!!!

well ciao for now!!
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Well I.T was extremely boring as usual...although I did actually get to have a proper conversation with Bolda...He told me I have taste...well actually he announced it over the classroom...But hey...it's nice not to be picked on for a change...He want's to borrow the Freddie Mercury Tribute video *finds it and rewinds it*...Bolda's great and has good taste in music (i.e Queen)

I can't believe Pete and Mark are staying next door!!! I luv those guys...I can't believe Mark can remember my name *giggles and thinks back to the 800 meters*...They want me to go for a drink with them sometime before they leave...so maybe if my Dad goes out tomorrow I'll see them down the pub...

I'm talking to my baby yay...I know she's pissed at me for havng all these guys around *cries* but I dunno what to do to reassure her...

I hope my hobbit girl gets better soon =P hehe her letter should be with her in next few days!!!

*huggles Frodo* You really rock it hardcore hunny, I luv ya to bits!!!

I hope Mickey's funeral went well...I am glad he is finally laid to rest so his soul can be free!!! R.I.P Mickey!!!!

I have my candle burning for Mickey on my dresser
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I'm Back....HELLO!!!

I have had a great time, but I have missed everyone loads!!! Especially 3 special people!!! They know who they are!!!

Well...Thursday night was amazing!!! Rob was so perfect, he did really well!!! He did "Soul of My Suit" for dad, he just turned and said "This one's for you Mick" and sang it, without a backing tape, it was amazing!!! He did "Spaceball Ricochet", but forgot my dedication...it doesnt matter though, it still sounded amazing and he did appologise...He did loads of Bolan songs, lots of acoustics, he also did some Bowie and Lennon, and Marc played alongside him, so did Paul!!!

I got to meet and talk to Marc for the first time, he is such a nice guy, we talked about T-Rex, music, jobs, school, LotR, we have a little bit in common, and as far as someone in the pub is concerned we are practicley engaged....

Mickey's candle burned though the whole show!!!

It was a good night, very good!!!

AND ALSO I HAVE SEEN THE TWO TOWERS!!!! It is amazing!!! Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn rock....some of the one liners rule!!! I wasn't too impressed with the Wargs, they were good, but not as they are in my imagination...Gollum ruled though...the Ents' legs were too long compared to their bodies though...But it is an amazing film...I'll have to be nice to Rob and marc to see if they'll take me hehe...Sam and Frodo are so cute together!!! What Frodo says to Sam would be perfect if it was reversed because it is so perfect for me to say to my Frodo!!!

I have something to confess...JENNY WAS RIGHT ABOUT HEATH....I was wrong...he IS hot...I watched "A Knight's Tale" at my brothers as well as "10 Things I Hate About You"....he has a gorgeous smile!!!

I also watched "American Pie" for the 1st time...I Love Alyson Hannigan she is so cute and funny..."like this one time...at band camp" She rocks!!!

Oh and the lead singer from "Letters to Cleo" she is pretty...well I'm done for now, I'll probably write in more detail when I'm less tired!!!


Jan. 14th, 2003 09:40 am
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I'm sat in I.T. we have our new task and it is both hard and boring...I want to go home I am in pain *pouts* my chest hurts from coughing so much last night, it's also hurt my throat!!!

I wish my baby was here to hold me and make me feel better =(...last night was really nice with her, no fights last night, just making up ;)

I'm so proud of my Frodo *snuggles her*...she rocks I'm so pleased she is doing something with her dreams, she is such an inspiration *huggles* You rule hun, you are the talented one!!!

Jenny was making dirty comments about Viggo and doing naughty things in his studio ;) hehe...she has such a dirty mind!!! But she's still great!!!

I want to get a collection together for Mickey, I wanna get as much money as I can together for next Thursday so I can give it to Rob and Fenton to give to the band to do what they wish with!!!
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I went to the Pub last night after talking to Paul on the phone, he asked me if I wanted to talk to Rob but I was too cut up to talk so i went down to see them personally. it was weird at first, and Rob's phone was constantly going!!! Fans, friends, band members from all over the world were calling and texting him!!!

Paul got Rob to have a word with me about Mickey and when everything had quietened down Paul took me to the side and asked if I was OK because I'd sounded so sad on the phone.

It was nice, there was a good atmosphere, we all celebrated Mickey's life, there were hundreds of toasts to him from Rob and Paul...Rob even picked up the old show phone and "talked" to Mickey...it was so sweet.

Paul and Rob's team won the quiz hehe...And on the back of the Quiz paper Rob wrote a small tribute to Mickey and Paul added to it...They signed it and gave it to me!!! Maybe I'm sitting on a million pounds worth of literature...

I'm glad Paul Fenton got my DVD cover done when he did, I feel special to be one of the last people to get mickey Finn's autograph!!!

And on top of all that I GOT A POSTCARD FROM VIGGO MORTENSEN TODAY!!!!!!!!!! it's all hand written and so nice....bloody hell I've used that word a lot today...anyways it says...

"Dear Kristina -
Thank you for the letter, and for letting me see your poems. Keep writing them!
Love Viggo"

WOOOOOO I can't believe Viggo wrote to ME!!! Yay!!! I'm so special!!!!

Rob's appearence at Digby has been moved, for obvious reasons...it's now on the 23rd...Woohoo can celebrate the end of my January exams!!!...He asked me if I would be going to the funeral...but 1) i didn't know Mickey personally and 2) i can't get =( although it would have been nice to say good-bye to a legend!!!

Me and Julie had a big fight type thingy last night =(, I think we are OK now, we talked on the phone and I hope we are sorted...i hate arguing with her so much *huggles her*

Frodo....*snuggles* Thank you for being there for me last night, and thank you for putting Mickey in your prayers...You ROCK!!! You are the best!!! I hope you get your place *crosses fingers*

Jenny sent me a really sweet message last night, it made me smile in my sadness...I'm glad to have her back as one of my two best friends!!! *huggles her* Things have been really weird since we got back together, we've been kinda distant, i've not wanted to say something to offend or upset her. Before the fight, we were always hugging and stuff and when we made up I wasn't sure if I could still do that, but we've talked things through and things are fine....so hun, if you'll have me...

I need to make a new icon with Marc and Mickey on it...and maybe Fenton and Rob too...I love my T-Rex guys!!!
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My life has come crashing down around me...Mickey Finn has gone, the legend has left us to be once more united with Marc!!!

He was fine, he was meant to be coming down and now God has taken him away from us

First Maurice and now Mickey...R.I.P boys

Mickey Finn...a legend gone but never forgotten


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