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Greetings and Salutations

Been awhile since I updated! So here's wishing everyone on my friends list and everyone reading this a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

I hope that Santa Claus brought you everything you wanted!!!

I got some great gifts!!!

From my brother Jamea I got an exact replica of the sword Sting from the Lord of the Rings movie! It's beautiful! It's full weight and size and very sharp!

From Mum and Dad I got Return of the King: Visual Companion
Lita: A Less Travelled R.O.A.D (Reality Of Amy Dumas) - A very amazing book I might add!
Bottom: Live Tour 2003 - Weapon Grade Y-Fronts - Very funny and sick!

Unfortunately The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire was out of stock :'(

From Jenny I got a beautiful bracelet - I lurve it hun!

From Lor I got lots of paid time and extra user pics on my RP LJs

I got some money and stuff from other family members which is cool!!!

Tom buggered off to Nottingham without me to live...the arse!!!

Anyways...nothing much to say right now...Love you alls!!!
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Well I am already missing Lorie and it's no where near time for her to be back online yet...I hope she's all hooked back by the end of September!!! But I got a letter off her on Thursday and another one this morning, and I sent my letter out to her yesterday so we're still keeping in touch which is cool!..She liked the bracelet I made which is also cool!!!

Picked up my A-Level results on Thursday...What a depressing day it was!!! I got an E in English and General Studies and a U in ICT...but we've had to query my ICT grade because two of the units of work I handed in were not graded!...So who knows? I may have scraped an E *crosses fingers*

Rob Benson performed at the Pub on Thursday, despite he had been in London all day doing some work for T.V!!! He was amazing though!!! And he gave me a big hug and told me me exam results were good and I shouldn't worry!!!

Also...We're writing a joint poetry book together hopefully, which will be super cool if we can get it off the ground!!!

I bought the Crow on Tuesday and have already watched it twice...I HEART BRANDON LEE...He was such a good actor and so dreamy!!!

I feel the ground above me fade away as I start to wake. I taste the fear in my killers as they begin to break. There is no hiding I see you through your disguise, I finally found you and now it's your turn to die.

Suddenly their came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. You heard me rapping, right?

In light of my recent purchase, I decided to make a Crow/Eric Draven icon!!! *points* He's so dreamy!

Well I am off to do...stuff and save Tom!
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Wooooooooooooo I'm an IFer...are you?!?!....NO...Being and IFer is NOT the same as being an MFer...well okay maybe it is...but still!!!

Become an IFer )

Ian "The Genius" Hetherington is mighty and all must bow down to him and his army of flaming monkies!!!

Okay so now I'm done worshiping the Cult Leader...and the SWE World Heavyweight Intercontinental Xtreme Hardcore Donut Champion, I will talk about other...things...

If you have not already done so, you should 1) Listen to Jeff Hardy's statement and 2) read the transcript...

Imag-I-Nation Statement by Jeff Hardy

1) JEFF HARDY IS NOT GAY...he is merely....unique...
2) Real American is a class song!!!
3) IFer's are NOT gay...Thomas Richard Frederick Monte!!!...At least the Genius has followers AND the title!!!
4) D'lo Brown and Mark Henry need shooting
5) Regal used to have GAY music

On a more serious note...I spoke to Julie last night for the first time in over a month and we got a whole 10 minutes on the phone...*sighs*

Jessi wuv you hunny *snuggles* I wrote a couple more poems last night...they're not very good though...They're over on my other LJ...I still need to get around to write your letter...I just haven't had the inspiration? passion? and it'll be a really crap letter if I'm not in the mood...I also wanna send some of my doodles that I've been doing lately...Remember, Jeff's left hand is yours, his right is mine!!! You rock my world chickadee!!!

Lor...Love you hunnykins...I lurve being your lil Sugar Cube hehe...You rock!!!

Jenny...I'm glad we had our "talk" the other night...I'm so glad we made up, you are the best and I love ya to bits (non-lesbian way of course...we all know you have Kurt and Albert)...

I drew a swirly evil tree on Tom's arm the other day and we got pen everywhere...But the tree looked cool...I can't get replicas to look the same though *pouts*...It was fun drawing on Tom...He better not lose contact when we leave school...We gotta open our Swirly Things Tattoo Palour and become wrestlers on Tough Enough 38458

Went swimming last night and did 52 lengths of the pool which equals 1300m in just over an hour and ten minutes...I'm actually feeling the effects in my shoulders this week...but that's probably because we didn't go last week...But I'm not so out of breathe as I was when I started...which is a good thing

Well now I must go and worship the ground Ian walks on some more because he is GENIUS, GREAT and MIGHTY!!! *goes to buy Ian pizza*

Transcript...I've put it here at the bottom because Tom and Ian won't read past it otherwise )
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Went to Rob Benson's birthday party on Tuesday, it was great fun!!! I gave him his present...(It was a black frame with a picture of Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn in it)...He liked it, apparently it's his favourite picture of them *grins* He also liked the card I got him!!!

There was live music and a buffet at the party and Rob even got up and performed some T-Rex songs!!! I got to have a chat with Rob...always fun!!!

Marc gave me a flower (one Rob had been given for his bday) and then Rob gave me the other and told me to look after them forever...So Mum and I have put them in a book to press them!!!

Tom and Ian are insane...SWE is great...Ian??? p00t!! p00t p0000000t p00t :):):) p00t

They were doing submission moves on each other today and making each other tap...fun to watch apart from Tom claims he has a broken arm now!!

Ian...You fight like a dairy farmer!!!

I haven't spoke to Julie in almost a month...this sucks and I really dunno if I see a future for us :( *pouts*

Lor...I love you hunnykins...I lurrrrrve being you lil Sugar Cube!!!

Jessi...I love you too...you rock it hardcore girlie!!! I wanna be your Sam forever and ever!!! *sucks on your fingers* My dream was sooooo real *blushes* hehe...Love you Frodo!!!
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Xtremitude V1: stupid aim
WyldMattHardy: *thwaps it* hehe
Xtremitude V1: *climbs turnbuckle, taunts crowd, Swanton*
WyldMattHardy: *flashes the gunz and the v1*
Xtremitude V1: *gets up holding ribs, flashes gunz and V1*
WyldMattHardy: *raises your arm* and we rule once again. Oops bad ribs. *holds Jeffy, hears the crowd screaming*
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I was online until about 3:20 this morning talking to my new friend [livejournal.com profile] scorpio_dreamer She rocks hehe!!!

I slept in until about...actually I have no idea what time I got up...I didn;t go to school, my tummy has still been hurting. Carolyn wanted me to work tonight but I couldn't because I've been sick lately...

I got to talk to my baby on the phone today YAY...Our 1st Valentine's Day togehter *smiles* I love her so much...I sent her an e-card and she sent me two *smiles more* I just wish I could've bought her a proper card *pouts*


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