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It's Me, It's Me...It's the K.M.C...Erm yes HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!

Well again I seem to have been slacking on the updates...Bad Krissy!!! *slaps wrist*

Well I guess the biggest bit of news I have at the moment is that Julie and I split up...We split up on Monday after spending all of Sunday and Monday morning texting and discussing it...It was kinda mutual, for the best on both parts, but I initiated it so I guess it was my fault...But I couldn't carry on in a relationship where I wasn't happy...Only speaking 10 minutes in over a month was the real deciding factor...I do love her and I feel really bad that I'm throwing 15 months of my life away but I can't go on being unhappy

On a happier note...SWE had it's first (and probably only) photoshoot today...to see the official SWE photos CLICK HERE

Ian is still the SWE World Heavyweight Intercontinental Xtreme Hardcore Donut Champion wooooooooooooooo...There may be a last title match on Friday afternoon depending on how my Main Eventers are feeling...We've decided that when SWE takes off and we have money we will book Gangrel and Honky Tonk Man!!!

Ian and I were having a brutal paper towel throwing match earlier...OMG the brutality of it...I would have made my come-back if the ball of paper towelling hadn't gone out of the window....LOOK A THREE HEADED MONKEY...

Christian cut all his hair off...It looks nice, it's just weird after seeing him with long hair for 5 years or whatever it's been...But he looks a lot younger

I'm glad he won the IC title at Judgement Day...Now he just has to retain it for 16 more days...and then COME TO NOTTINGHAM along with THE HURRICANE

As you may have guessed...It's only 16 Days until Tom, Ian and I go to see the wrestling Wooooooooooooo I can't wait!!!! I so hope Christian and Shane Helms are there!!!

My body is aching today from swimming...Last night seemed to go so slow yet we did our 50 lengths faster than every other week...I felt blah and today my muscles are showing it....At least I can sleep and rest tomorrow *grins*
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Wooooooooooooo I'm an IFer...are you?!?!....NO...Being and IFer is NOT the same as being an MFer...well okay maybe it is...but still!!!

Become an IFer )

Ian "The Genius" Hetherington is mighty and all must bow down to him and his army of flaming monkies!!!

Okay so now I'm done worshiping the Cult Leader...and the SWE World Heavyweight Intercontinental Xtreme Hardcore Donut Champion, I will talk about other...things...

If you have not already done so, you should 1) Listen to Jeff Hardy's statement and 2) read the transcript...

Imag-I-Nation Statement by Jeff Hardy

1) JEFF HARDY IS NOT GAY...he is merely....unique...
2) Real American is a class song!!!
3) IFer's are NOT gay...Thomas Richard Frederick Monte!!!...At least the Genius has followers AND the title!!!
4) D'lo Brown and Mark Henry need shooting
5) Regal used to have GAY music

On a more serious note...I spoke to Julie last night for the first time in over a month and we got a whole 10 minutes on the phone...*sighs*

Jessi wuv you hunny *snuggles* I wrote a couple more poems last night...they're not very good though...They're over on my other LJ...I still need to get around to write your letter...I just haven't had the inspiration? passion? and it'll be a really crap letter if I'm not in the mood...I also wanna send some of my doodles that I've been doing lately...Remember, Jeff's left hand is yours, his right is mine!!! You rock my world chickadee!!!

Lor...Love you hunnykins...I lurve being your lil Sugar Cube hehe...You rock!!!

Jenny...I'm glad we had our "talk" the other night...I'm so glad we made up, you are the best and I love ya to bits (non-lesbian way of course...we all know you have Kurt and Albert)...

I drew a swirly evil tree on Tom's arm the other day and we got pen everywhere...But the tree looked cool...I can't get replicas to look the same though *pouts*...It was fun drawing on Tom...He better not lose contact when we leave school...We gotta open our Swirly Things Tattoo Palour and become wrestlers on Tough Enough 38458

Went swimming last night and did 52 lengths of the pool which equals 1300m in just over an hour and ten minutes...I'm actually feeling the effects in my shoulders this week...but that's probably because we didn't go last week...But I'm not so out of breathe as I was when I started...which is a good thing

Well now I must go and worship the ground Ian walks on some more because he is GENIUS, GREAT and MIGHTY!!! *goes to buy Ian pizza*

Transcript...I've put it here at the bottom because Tom and Ian won't read past it otherwise )
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Went to Rob Benson's birthday party on Tuesday, it was great fun!!! I gave him his present...(It was a black frame with a picture of Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn in it)...He liked it, apparently it's his favourite picture of them *grins* He also liked the card I got him!!!

There was live music and a buffet at the party and Rob even got up and performed some T-Rex songs!!! I got to have a chat with Rob...always fun!!!

Marc gave me a flower (one Rob had been given for his bday) and then Rob gave me the other and told me to look after them forever...So Mum and I have put them in a book to press them!!!

Tom and Ian are insane...SWE is great...Ian??? p00t!! p00t p0000000t p00t :):):) p00t

They were doing submission moves on each other today and making each other tap...fun to watch apart from Tom claims he has a broken arm now!!

Ian...You fight like a dairy farmer!!!

I haven't spoke to Julie in almost a month...this sucks and I really dunno if I see a future for us :( *pouts*

Lor...I love you hunnykins...I lurrrrrve being you lil Sugar Cube!!!

Jessi...I love you too...you rock it hardcore girlie!!! I wanna be your Sam forever and ever!!! *sucks on your fingers* My dream was sooooo real *blushes* hehe...Love you Frodo!!!
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Julie's PC is broken, her parents hate me and I can't see a future...I hate saying that because I love her so much, but I don't see how we can make it last on one phone call a week *cries* I dunno what to do...My heart says stick it out, my head says it won't work, I just dunno which to follow *sobs* I dunno what to do I love her so much...I don't wanna lose her...but I don't want to end up the same way me and Gary did...never talking then it only being about one thing when we do talk *cries* I don't want to throw away a year of my life, I just dunno where I stand or what to do...I love her so much!!!
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Ack...A million years since I updated...Well Thursday night I went to the pub with Mum to see George perform...He rocks...He is amazing on guitar!!! And he has a really unique voice!!!

Rob was there and at first I thought he was mad with me or something because he blanked me, but then he waved but still didn't speak, I was sat on the floor and he came and knelt beside me and chatted, he told me Paul Fenton was coming down and he'd let me know when they'd be in the pub, so he took my mobile number *giggles*

Yesterday was my official 1 Year Anniversary *smiles* I love her to bits, I wish I could have stayed online with her *pouts* But Rob texted me to tell me they were at the pub...Chloe tried the guilt trip on me as if I wasn't feeling bad enough already *sighs* I just dunno where things stand or where they are going anymore

So I went down to the pub...Paul recognised me and hugged me and gave me a kiss *giggles* heh heh and he mentioned that I have one of the very last autographs from Mickey!!! That makes me feel so honoured and makes the DVD cover mean just so much more

Rob and I had a really long talk about Marc Bolan...well more he was telling me lots of stories about the real Marc and the truth behind the man, from what he's learnt from Mickey and Paul...I dunno whether they are private or not though so I best not say too much!!!

Rob asked me to go back down today...Barry was in (T-Rex's manager), I didn't really get to meet him as such because he left soon after their meal, but he looked nothing like I expected!!! Paul Fenton brought a folder of valuable memories over for me to look at...there were original photos, newspaper articles, things Marc had written by hand, a signed copy of Bolan's book, the
certificate that proves Paul has rights to the band names, just so many memories, personal memories, 40-odd years worth of Paul's life was in my hands *smiles*

OMG TOM IAN AND I ARE GOING TO WWE ROAD TO INSURREXTION!!!! Mum booked the tickets this morning!!!! Wooooooooooooo *Ric Flair impression* I can't wait it'll be so cool!!!

Weeeeee my Leap of Faith video came on Friday, I've already watched it 3 times...It is soooooooooo good...I love Matt and Jeff!!! I hope they reunite soon!!!

12 Months

Mar. 13th, 2003 10:15 pm
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Yay!!! My Baby and I have been together 12 months today *grins* I love her so much!!! I am so glad we have made it through all our problems to be here!!! Love you baby gurl!!!

We were looking at a poem in English today and it reminded me of Chris

To One in Paradise
by: Edgar Allen Poe

Thou wast all that to me, love,
For which my soul did pine-
A green isle in the sea, love,
A fountain and a shrine,
All wreathed with fairy fruits and flowers,
And all the flowers were mine.

Ah, dream too bright to last!
Ah, starry Hope! that didst arise
But to be overcast!
A voice from out the Future cries,
"On! on!"- but o'er the Past
(Dim gulf!) my spirit hovering lies
Mute, motionless, aghast!

For, alas! alas! me
The light of Life is o'er!
"No more- no more- no more-"
(Such language holds the solemn sea
To the sands upon the shore)
Shall bloom the thunder-blasted tree
Or the stricken eagle soar!

And all my days are trances,
And all my nightly dreams
Are where thy grey eye glances,
And where thy footstep gleams-
In what ethereal dances,
By what eternal streams.

Ian, Tom and I are gonna try to get tickets to go to Road to Insurrextion...If we can it will rock!!! People like Austin, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Booker T, Trish Stratus, Test, and a load of others...will be there...Matt isn't set to be there but I hope it changes and he's there *nods* that would be cool...My mum's gonna phone up for the tickets as soon as they go on sale!!! And we are gonna ask my brother if we can stay at his house!!! I am so gonna have to restrain Tom if Booker does the Spineroonie
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Well....so what has been happening in my life?

Not a lot to tell you the truth...that's probably why I haven't updated in awhile...

I have been working everyday this week down Metheringham Fen, getting a little bit of money together....Now I can afford my book when it comes out on the 18th March

Also I want to buy a Hardy Boyz Ball and Chain Pendent like Matty wears...I've wanted one since they came out *grins*

I LOVE Jeff Hardy...he is such an amazing guy, a talented wrestler, an amazing poet and a genuine kind man!!! I so wanna meet him!!! I also love Matt Hardy's eyes....I might write a poem about them!!!

I have written a lot of poetry from other peoples perspective's this week...or as Jeff would call it Emoetry *grins* I love writing

I went to the pub on Thursday and saw Kriz from BC Sweet perform, he was very good, apart from when he forgot the words and when he attempted "Bohemian Rhapsod" heh heh...he did "Blockbuster" which is my favourite Sweet song!!! I got his autograph in my little book!!! Weeeeeee I have 7 now (only 6 famous-ish people though)
1. Paul Fenton
2. Rob Benson
3. Paul James
4. Mark Devanche
5. (Jan)
6. Dave Glover
7. Kriz

Rob Benson was there and we had a nice chat about T-Rex, Paul Fenton, tours, the industry, Alan Silson, web sites...

I was babysitting last night, I started my reply to Jess' letter, 5 pages so far, she rocks I love her to bits, I really respect her and cherish her *huggles her*

I also need to reply to Jenny's letter at some time heh heh...she also rocks my world!!! I'm really glad we sorted everything out, things feel more like old times now *grins*...We had a long talk and sorted everything out, and now we both have RPing LJ's I feel close to her again *hugs her*

I got to talk to my baby on the phone this morning, it feels like forever since we spoke *pouts* I feel so distant from her, I feel like she doesn't wanna be near me anymore...I had an arguement with her sister the other night too *sighs heavily* I miss the ways things used to be between us

Haha Ian and I need lives...we both IMed the whole of Ning Nang Nong together line by line heh heh...

I'm finding my C/W hard...It doesn't sound very Pippin-like *sighs* I'm trying to capture his character but it isn't going too well...I suppose I should get back to it ...

Laterz *flashes gunz and V1* (gah re-addicted to Hardyz)
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Lookit what I made woooooooooo *Ric Flair Impression*

Not much to tell really...Julie and I have had a talk about our relationship...we both feel like we are drifting and it's really painful...it's killing me that we can't be together *pouts*

It's funny how something really serious can show you who your real friends are...So Jenny, Jess and Tom thank you for the other night *grins* Ian gets an exception because he's in Egypt so...yeah!!!

Jeff Hardy looked good at NWO, he was really dedicated in his match, something that he has lacked recently....What with his Emoetry and Peroxygen...He should do what Rock and Jericho have done and use WWE to promote his out of wrestling activities...he's started to...I mean at NWO Matt says if you weren't so wrapped up in your "Imagi-nation"...let's hope Jeff is back on track now!!!!

I have come up with my Hardyz reuniting storyline...with the help of Tom...hehe I'll write it out in detail at a later date hehe

Ciao for Now!!! xxx
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Oh dear...Ian has been gone one day and already Rachel and I have gone insane...haha...We spent our entire lunch time popping a big sheet of Bubble wrap...then 5th period when we both have free's we finished popping it...we tried all different ways of popping it...Normally, with bottles, stepping on it, Rachel jumped on it, squeezing it, twisting it, Mr Bamford the Head of 6th even joined in...

But things got worse...we then played Imaginary Cheat...as Ian has the real cards...*puts down 27 Aces*...OK sounds worse than it was....maybe...

We then stole some drawing pins from across enemy lines (Toms common room) to pin our bubble wrap to the wall...I bet it's gone tomorrow though *pouts*

I had to go the entire day without my Mattitude partner in crime...I had no one to greet with the V1 symbol...must not let the power of the Mattitude die while Ian is gone...even choking Tom out wasn't too satisfying

I drew icons and notepads and coasters in IT...the fun of Artwork with computers.....I hate this unit of work...so boring....GIT (Gay I.T) as Tom would call it!!!

I get to start my english coursework tomorrow hehe YAY...I get to write the story of the Ring from Pip's viewpoint and how it changed his life GO ME!!!

I got my letter from Frodo today *smiles* 16 pages long hehe...Hunny I LOVE my cards, and I love the poems *huggles* you are so talented girl!!! I also love the sketches, I showed my mum, I loved the elves!!! They rocked!!!

I should write to my other hobbit girl soon!!! Hehe, my hobbits rock so much!! I think they are both great!!! *huggles Jen*

I love Julie so much...we haven't really talked all that much in the last few days *sighs* I hope there's nothing wrong...I feel distant from her *pouts*
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I was online until about 3:20 this morning talking to my new friend [livejournal.com profile] scorpio_dreamer She rocks hehe!!!

I slept in until about...actually I have no idea what time I got up...I didn;t go to school, my tummy has still been hurting. Carolyn wanted me to work tonight but I couldn't because I've been sick lately...

I got to talk to my baby on the phone today YAY...Our 1st Valentine's Day togehter *smiles* I love her so much...I sent her an e-card and she sent me two *smiles more* I just wish I could've bought her a proper card *pouts*


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