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Taken from wwe.com

WWE releases several Superstars

WWE has decided not to proceed with any renegotiations with Bubba and D-Von Dudley. We wish both Bubba and D-Von the best in all future endeavors.

Also, World Wrestling Entertainment has come to agreements on the release of the following Superstars. WWE would like to wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Joy Giovanni
Kenzo Suzuki
Matt Morgan
Charlie Haas
Jackie Gayda
Marty Jannetty
Dawn Marie
Mark Jindrak
Shannon Moore
James Yun (Akio)
David Heath (Gangrel)
Billy Kidman
Spike Dudley
Kevin Fertig


Oct. 9th, 2004 07:40 pm
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Yes...I'm still around LOL, just been having really bad compie problems...But *crosses fingers* everything seems to be going okay so far LOL *bops happily* And I now have my compie back in my bedroom at long last YAY...Although I have no room for a chair by my desk so my arms and back ache already hehe...

Well I have impetigo and it sucks...Especially since Eddie G is doing a signing in the next city next to mine to promote the SD tour...*pouts* I WANNA SEE EDDIE!!! I also want his DVD, I seen some clips and it looks good, Benoit's as well *adds to xmas list* I bet Tom goes since he's going to the Nottingham show...He'll love rubbing that in! Bastard!!!

Thankies to all my friends that sent me cards and gifts for my bday *grin* I loved them all!!! Speaking of birthdays...It seems it's the Pretty Kitty's birthday, so I just want to say Happy Birthday Trina!!!

Well I haven't updated in forever but even so I don't seem to have much to say LOL...So I will end this here and go play more on a working computer LOL

Laters all!
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[rant] Stupid fucking Moore-on stupid fucking site stupid fucking dgdegagsgawfegfdgfgsdgfgsgfhshhgfshgd [/rant]

Okay so I wasn't happy to begin with that Shannon's new site will be a pay site...But I thought...What the Hell...I'll try t for a month or so...If it's worth it, I'd beg and borrow (and find a job) and pay each each month...But that idea gone right out the window *le sigh* The new site ISN'T accepting VISA as payment!!! My debit card, My Dad's debit card and credit card are all fucking VISA!!! And I'm not sure how a cheque would work coz I'd have to write it in £GBP and the $vs£ rate is constantly charging (plus a cheque costs an extra dollar and PROBABLY has a handling charge on top of that...*sigh*) No Shannon for me then!!!
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Greetings all...Been awhile since I updated, so...Lookit...AN UPDATE!!!

Well...what have I been upto?! Not much...I got and completed my Simon The Sorcerer games....Number 2 was a bit of a let down after the amazingness of 1, but good none-the-less...I won't say too much more since a certain Genius may be borrowing them!!!

I bought The Rasmus' album "Dead Letters" on Saturday, it be a very good album yup yup yup...It The Shadows is still mt favourite track! But there are a lot of good tracks on it!!!

I also got my hair cut on Saturday...I had a fringe cut into it, I also had layers put in...It's kinda like a shorter, thicker version of Lita's style!!! However, when I had it cut my face didn't change to look like hers boohoo no fair!!! Ah well, tomorrow my Mum is going to re-dye my hair for me, Indian Summer...I have roots showing through :( so it needs redoing!!!

Gots the house to myself this weekend, Mum and Dad are heading to Manchester, to the City of Manchester Stadium to watch Manchester City play football...Will be weird...will be the first time I been left to house sit without Salem, probably Queenie too!!!

Jeff Hardy has a new DVD out Jeff Hardy : Flying High (I think that's the title), it's limited to 250 copies though and hasn't been released for my DVD region yet *pouties* Ah well I have no monies for it anyway!!! But it looks like a very good DVD, tis Jeff on his motox track at his house...I feel sorry for anyone who ever moves into that house if he ever moved...would take a lot of flattening!!! I think Shannon and Jeff should do a vid together on their bikes!!! Yup yup yup!!!

Jeff looks really good...He got really thin while he's been away, but he's put weight back on, he looks bigger than he did in WWE now!!! And his hair....mmmmm it grown long and thick, looks really nice!!!

Okay Jeff ramblings over...No really...I'm done...for now!!! I got the best game free with our newspaper on Saturday: The Simpsons Hit & Run...It is so funny...full talkie soundtrack...Ian would love it...Homer is so funny in it!!! Some of the phrases he comes out with are great!!!

Oooooooo Jakks games have bought some of the rights to make Star Wars games...so maybe....just MAYBE LucasArts will stop making 37547825627947257 Crappy Star Wars games and make Monkey Island 5!!! Apparently as it stands at the moment IF it's made it will be a 2005 game...I want it NOW!!! I recently downloaded the April Fool clips from last year, mixnmojo.com got Dominic Armato (The voice of Guybrush in MI2 & 4) to do "Monkey Island 5 Cutscenes" and they sound really authentic...Then in the last one Guybrush is talking to the puppets from MI4 and he asks Little LeChuck to be his valentine, LeChuck then insults Guybrush and tells him it's not Valentines...Little Guybrush then states it's April 1st...then adds "Does that mean all this Monkey Island 5 talk is all an APRIL FOOLS JOKE?" to which Guybrush answers "I'm afraid that's right Little Guybrush...This was all one big hoax pulled off by your friends at mixnmojo.com" Gotta love Dom!!! I also got a bunch of outtakes from it...it's very funny!!!

Well...I think that is all for now...Laters all

xx Kristina xx
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Awww Shane Helms is just the sweetest guy in the world!!! <3<3<3

We've been having an email conversation today about Slash hehe the poor sweetie was blissfully unaware of what Slash was so asked me to explain hehe

I also sent him a copy of one of my manipulations of him and Matt...a non-slash one though!!!

This is one of the things he said to me LOL

LOL I can get hotheaded at times, but only when people act stupid. LOL That drives me nuts

Lorie!!!! Proof that our Shaney is a little hothead!!! Hehe!!!
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I thought I should sit down and write a worthwhile update of substance since the internet is dead and very few people are on...

First of all...I am no longer a CHICKENOLOGIST wooooooooo I officially resigned from Padley Poultry Limited and start my new job as a Customer Service/Care Operative person on Monday in the head office of Interflora!!! Still not the job I want to be doing but it's better than chicken and it's still money towards my travelling dream!!!

Yesterday, my copy of the Hardy Boyz "Exist 2 Inspire" arrived in the mail...I was very pleased since it was supposed to take between 7-21 working days and took 5!!! Plus it actually worked out cheaper to buy it from this bookshop in America and have it shipped over to here...So instead of £17.99 + P&P it cost me $4.74 for the book and $9 for shipping and handling equalling roughly £8...Not bad if you ask me!!!

I read the book in 4 HOURS!!! It's an amazing book, bits made me laugh, bits were sad, it's a really honest and heart-felt book...Although Matt needs to shut up and let Jeff talk more LOL!

Onto WWE Originals...This arrived on Saturday and it is extremely good!!! My favourite tracks are (in no particular order) Chris Jericho - "Don't You Wish You Were Me?", Lita - "When I Get You Alone", Lillian Garcia - "You Just Don't Know Me At All" and John Cena - "Basic Thugonomics"

Here's my quick review of the tracks... )

In other news...Jeff Hardy has 8 exclusive tracks up online...Which he has given permission to us (his fans) to download, burn to CD and even distribute for free...To download them go Here...Please listen and leave a comment here reviewing them, all reviews will be passed on to Jeff!!! He wants honest opinions so he can see what people like, what they don't, and so on and so forth!

Lorie!!! I'll try and get your letter done over the next few days and mail it out with your present and your CDs!!! MWAH Love you sweetie!!!
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Greetings and Salutations

I'm feeling very bouncy and hyper and I believe it is due to too much Jeffy-goodness (if there is such a thing as too much!!!) I have now watched his shoot interview two and a bit times and I feel like I really know him as silly as that sounds!!!

He talks about some really deep things and I've come to the conclusion that he says "man" and "ya know?" waaaaaaaay too much, almost every sentence has "man" in at least once!!!

The video was def worth the £6 it cost me, even though when it arrived the inside of the cassette shell was smashed, but being the super intelligent GENIUS that I am, I took an old cassette shell from a chewed up video tape and put the reel of tape out of the Jeff video in the unbroken shell and HEY PRESTO, 2 and a half hours of Jeffy-goodness!!!

I know know many random pointless Jeff Hardy facts like...Jeff trained Shannon Moore because everyone, including Shannon thought he was too small to make it even though he REALLY wanted to, so Jeffy took him under his wing and trained him...and now look how great the little one is doing!!!

While on the subject of Jeff, looks like he's planning a March return, maybe a WMXX return, which would be pretty cool!!! Tis amazing news comes from Luna over at the Puppy site!!!

Onto other news...I have a new journal, my "mind" journal, in which I'm going to be posting sketches, artwork, poems, stories, etc, all my creative projects, take a look over Here...I've used GJ rather than LJ because it is free, doesn't require a code, lets you have upto a thousand 60kb icons and has image hosting, so it seemed the perfect place for my art!!!

It's been great having LORIE online!!! *kidnaps her and feeds her cookies* MWAH Loves her!!!

Missing Tom and Ian!!! Stupid jobs/uni!!! Not good enough, they should be here!!!

I should find out in the week if I got the cashier's job at Somerfield!!! If not, I'm going to continue to be skint *pouts*

I bought Lor's birthday present on Thursday, but I still can't find anything suitable for Jenny and her birthday is first AGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

If only Orlando would fit in an envelope! Damn shame he doesn't

Anyways...Must go and do...Krissy type things and drool over tha Hardy Boyz somemore...Laters!!!
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Ian is making me update...And since he is my cult leader I should do what he says...

So...What have I been up to? Quite a lot for once actually...So I'll go through in date orders what I been upto...

Sat 19th July...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray, Roger, Barbera, Patrick, Karen, Duncan, Tish and I all went to Digby pub for a meal for my Nan's 80th Birthday...Mum, Dad, James, Kate, Nan, Jean, Ray and I all arrived in a white stretch limo and had champagne...It was such a cool limo!!!

Sun 20th July...Mum and James went to the hospital to visit my other Nan, Kate dyed my hair Intense Red which was fun, I love spending time with her!!! When Mum and James got home we went to my Nan C's for Birthday tea

Tues 22nd July...My Nan K passed away in Boston hospital

Wed 23rd July...We all went over to Nan C's house because it was her actual birthday...Mum, Dad, James and I then went to the Pub for an Italian meal

Sat 26th July...PARTY IN THE CAR PARK!!!!! WOOOOOOOO...It was great!!! T-REX WOOOOOOO BABY!!! I had a really good day, there were lots of great acts, including the debut performance of the Paul James Band...They're very good!!! People have to buy their album if it gets released over here!!!

Ohhhh and Moley snuck me into the VIP Party...Go Me!!! I got to see Paul Fenton and Rob Benson YAY as well as Eleanor and Dave Major!!! It was a lot of fun...Apart from pete flirting with me!!

Tues 29th July...Was my Nan's funeral at north kyme...We had to walk behind the hearse to the church...It was horrible!!! But the service was nice and lots of people turned up. We then went back to my Auntie Janice's house. Last night was Paul James' bday party so we went down for awhile, I made Paul a card!! And he loved it

So that's my hectic time...As well as that lot I have also watched "Ready to Rumble" twice...It's so funny...and you might want to save this because I may never say it again but GOLDBERG IS COOL IN IT!!!...I thin David Arquette (sp?) is cute and soooooo funny...I love him in RtR and See Spot Run!!!


Or in the words of Ian "the Genius" Hetherington "Who cares what King would do...WHAT WOULD IAN DO?!"

So if you ever find yourself in times of trouble...ask yourself...What Would Ian Do?! WWID...(In most cases it would be to put headphones in and play very loud angry music...like Limp Bizkit for example)


I finally got jess' letter written and now I made a start on Lorie's!!!

If anyone wants to buy Krissy a birthday present and money isn't an issue...Krissy would like this muchly

Oooooo Dave and Linda Major are performing at the pub tomorrow!!! And then Saturday we're going to Sleaford to an Acoustic night!!!

Tom doesn't love us anymore he has dumped us for his X-Box!!! Evil Bastard!!!

I want to thank Lorie and Jenny for supporting me lots lately!!! love you both muchly!!!

Hmmmm I think that's about it!!! Now I gotta write a review on PitCP on the T-Rex Forum for Rob

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Welcome to the thoughts and ramblings of the SWE CEO...Yes although SWE may not be running phsyically anymore...The spirit and soul of SWE live on...And oh yes we will hire Gangrel and Jeff Hardy!!!

Righto...Well I'm feeling extremely depressed right now...Some people know why and those who have access to my sister journal can lookit Here

Thank you Ian for text huggling me when I needed it!!! I'm gonna miss you when you head off to Uni...It'll suck monkies for pennies...I'll just have to listen to Anthology! and play Monkey Island and EWR....Look Behind You...A Three Headed Monkey!!!

I miss Lorie already...It's only been a matter of hours since she left to spend the weekend with her Mum...but I miss my Huunnykins!!!....She's gonna be away for Shane's b/day!!!! *huggles tight* Loves you muchly!!!

It is Shane Helms 29th Birthday tomorrow...I think you should all email him (shane@shanehelms.com) and wish our most favourite crime fighting superhero a Happy Bday!!!

I've started my letter to the aforementioned hero...I really dunno what to write...I can't exactly say "I want to shag you give me your autograph"...My letter to Jeff was easy I just talked about his work in all areas, wrestling, art, emoetry, singing...Speaking of his singing...After listening to "Home" 3485237573457735237 times it's beginning to sound good apart from the harmonies...He should get someone else to do those!!!

I can't wait until I have some money behind me...I'm going to travel...I'm gonna go visit Jessi and Lorie and I also want to visit North Carolina (Not to stalk Matt, Jeff and Shane) and Virginia...They're both pretty States and I would like to go there for inspiration for my art and poetry!!!

I might be going out tomorrow night with Ade which will be cool...He promised to take me out for my 18th birthday when I was 13 but he was away in Guernsey for my 18th so he wants to take me with a couple of his friends he met in Guernsey tomorrow for an Indian meal

He's so cool, I've always got on with Ade...He's great...We raided his CD collection the other day and he lent me about 10 CD's as well as Rammstein's Live Aus Berlin DVD...I've only watched the start and it's very cool!!! He lent me his baby in MM's latest CD...He worships MM so I feel honoured that he lent me "The Golden Age of Grotesque"

I saw a DVD I want while in town...I want the RAW 10th Anniversary Special...It's £15.99 and has a ton of extras like interviews with BOTH Hardy Boys and other great wrestlers!!! I also want the Hardy Boyz pendent as well as their Autobiography "Exist 2 Inspire"...Amy "Lita" Dumas releases her autobiography "Lita; A Less Traveled R.O.A.D: The Reality of Amy Dumas" on September 16th!!...I also like the look of Shawn Michael's new DVD!!!!

Well I think that's all my "exciting" news for now...Must go and do CEO-type things
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Once again I have changed my layout...Now you can actually about read what I've written...Aren't I smart?!

Well I have now officially finished my exams YAY...But that means...Never seeing Ian and Tom ever again (well not for a long time anyway) and I need to get a job...Sucky....OMG...No more SWE *sobs* SWE CAN'T DIE!!! It won't...as CEO I won't let it...I mean our roster is just beginning to grow we're getting Gangrel and Jamal....and of course the amazing, unique, charasmatic young star known as Jeff Hardy...as long as he doesn't try to sing...

Tracey is evil...She told me I'm sad for being one of Christian's Peeps and I'm even sadder for admitting I'm a Peep...There is NOTHING wrong with being a Peep...I'm a Peep and PROUD!!!...Christian is one of the greatest IC Champions we have ever had!!!...So he uses a little tight-pulling and a little rope holding and a little smacking-opponent-in-face-with-belt...But surely you've heard the phrase "Win if you can, Lose if you must, but ALWAYS cheat"?...That is all Christian is doing...Wow King and I should sit together during Christian's matches and spread the greatness!!! I AM A EURO PEEP and all of you should be a Peep and Proud of your IC Champion!!!

*beats Adam Copeland with a stick* He didn't Edgeucate us this week *sobs* I hope he hasn't like died...or been rushed into hospital because of his neck or anything...I haven't seen him online either...I hope he's okay....I'm sure Lorie's reason is the most likely though...but we won't go into details about that here *giggles*

Well...I finally got all my letters written and posted...Jessi's, Lorie's and Jeff's...So hopefully my two hunny girls will reply soon *pleading eyes* and hopefully Jeff will send an autograph and/or letter...I should write to my Hobbit soon...it's been forever since I wrote to her *pets*

Everybody should read "The Ballad of Reading Gaol"...Go Now...Find and Read the 109 stanzas of Oscar Wilde's poem!!!


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