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Welcome to the Under Ground Grand Hotel
Est. 2007 / Reset 2008
This is the story of the level 3 prisoners from U.S Federal Prison, Underground Hotel, built 30 meters beneath Long Island. The prisoners who enjoy life to the fullest call it the "Undergrand Hotel". Join us and shape your destiny - will you sink or swim? Do you have the inner strength to survive or will you become victim to the lonliness?
The Game

[livejournal.com profile] welcometotheugh is a free-form, multi-fandom roleplay game set in an underground prison. We are currently in the process of restarting the game from scratch and are looking to bring in new players. People of all abilities are welcome - but it should be noted that the game contains mature content and a lot of yaoi.
Game Links

Under Grand Hotel

[livejournal.com profile] welcometotheugh is a prison-esque roleplay based and set around the yaoi manga "Under Grand Hotel" by the wonderful Sadahiro Mika. Please support her by buying these mangas! And check out the English scanlations at Nakamanga
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Okay, okay, so since a bunch of people on my Flist are doing NaNo, it's made me want to write liek woah. Maybe one year I'll be brave enough to attempt NaNo myself, but it's doubtful, yup, that dream novel is so never going to get written. But I did write a little ficlet thing - I dunno what it is, perhaps longer than a drabble but whatever, I'll call it a drabble for now. Constructive critism is welcomed! but be gentle

I watch him sleeping. He looks beautiful )
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Two new CGs! One Sen/Norman from Under Grand Hotel and one Kaoru/Shao from Hoshi no Yakata. Both work-safe

Click for the pretties )
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If you like roleplaying, yaoi and KINK come along and join [livejournal.com profile] palaceofstars because it is fun and more members would make it even more fun. And you could get the chance to play with Slave!Squall OHYES!

If you like roleplaying, yaoi and prison life come along and join [livejournal.com profile] welcometotheugh because new members make me happy!

If you like roleplaying, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and easy going open plots come along and join shiva_dancing, because activity makes me smile.
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3 Under Grand Hotel CGs I've attempted!

One ISN'T worksafe! You have been warned xD

This way for the pretties! )
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I hope Santa brough y'all what you wanted!! I got a new PS2 since my other one sorta died, a dancemat and game, an out of print board game of Tetra Master from Final Fantasy IX, Under Grand Hotel volume 3, Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere and a ton of little gifts!!

************ POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING **************** )

I can't wait until it gets scanlated!!


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