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*blows away the dust and the cobwebs*

Hello journal, it's been awhile. I'm not sure how many people are still out there, but I'll type to blank air if I must. If there are still people out there then I hope you are all well, safe and happy. I often find myself thinking about my journal friends of days gone by and wondering how they are and what they're doing. And just know that even if we never speak, I still love each and every one of you.

As usual with these rare, long updates, it'll be pretty picture heavy. Enjoy the ride. )
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So, I've been putting this update off for awhile now, not because it's a bad update but more because I'm super lazy and keep saying 'I'll do it later' and then forgetting.

First and foremost, an update on Jack. He's doing really, really well. He hasn't had a fit since that last one on Thursday 24th Sept, and his tablets have been reduced to 2.5 x 60mg Phenobarb twice a day. He's back into routine of his daily walk and all in all seems contented. He gets tired a lot more easily these days though, but we kinda expected that.

We also realise that he is not 'cured', that he will never be 'better' and that he could fit at any time and any fit could potentially kill him. We always have to carry emergency Diazepam when we go walking; and we've made an emergency seizure bag for longer trips - it contains all the things we might need in case of a seizure away from home - Diazepam, Phenobarb, drool towel, nappy bags, gloves, water bottle and bowl, biscuits, seizure diary, vet contact details, hand sanitizer.

I've moved back into my bedroom, into my bed. And for the time being (hopefully long-term) Jack has moved up into my bedroom with me. It's kinda nice having him close by, especially when he gets onto the bed for cuddles!

The vet is really pleased with his progress. She was completely convinced we would be taking him back on that Friday to have him put down; and there were times when he was so drugged up that he couldn't walk that we wondered if we were doing the right thing, but to look at him now it's easy to see we did the right thing.

Picture time! )

We've also recently purchased a muzzle for him as a training aid. It works well. It instantly humbles him and gets a good listening reaction. We mainly put it on for the first part of his walk and then take it off and let him enjoy the rest. I really need to get back into routine with our training DVD.

In other news, my Mum goes into hospital tomorrow for an operation on her bowel. She has to stay in over-night and I'm dreading it. She's nervous as Hell and petrified she won't wake up. I can't wait until she's home and I know she's safe. Even if she will be out of action for a few weeks and will therefore do my head in with stuff. I've found an easy cross-stitch pattern for her that she's going to try while she's bed-ridden. She's never cross-stitched before, so it'll be nice to teach her. I'm also hoping I can get her to crochet a few mini scarves for me.

Also been working hard on the advent swap for my dollshouse swap group. 25 mini items to be opened from Dec 1-25. I'm about halfway through so far. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

I can't believe my LJ paid time expires next month. A year has gone pretty fast. I dunno if I'll be able to wing some money for it yet. I hope so, because icons are love and polls are useful!
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So, yesterday was the last day of the Easter Swap in the miniatures group I'm in. The idea was to send 8 individually wrapped items to your partner, each with a number 1-8 on them, and then one was opened each day up until Easter. I got some beautiful items off my swap partner, Maggs.

I actually got 9 wrapped gifts from her because she sent me a bouquet of mini flowers as a bonus gift. I sent her a bonus plate of cakes, but it's not in the photo, becuase I took the photo before I decided to send the cakes.

pictures beneath the cut )
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I was supposed to pay for the groceries yesterday, but since Mum is in the process of quitting smoking and has gone over a week without a cigarette, my Dad paid. So Mum said I could have £20 to spend on my dollshouse stuff.

And spend I did!

Out of that money I got:

  • some peewee clear marbles - I only wanted one to make a crystal ball for my dollshouse, but they came in a pack of 100 and weren't that expensive - so I'll probably make a few extra as gifts and give the other marbles to Mum to put in a vase of dried flowers or something.

  • some little wooden crates - It was a set of three and I need one for the September group swap so that leaves me with two to use in my own house.

  • some 1:12th scale paper plates - I've tried making my own but I just can't get them neat enough.

  • 3 flocked teddy bears for the nursery

  • and the three most beautiful dolls! I'll probably redress them into less ornate garments though!

    dolls )
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    Jan. 7th, 2008 09:17 pm
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    So when I'm not playing video games, making icons or fangirling... this is what I spend my time doing...

    lookit under the cut! Lots of pics! )
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    Going shopping tomorrow, going to the craft store to pick up a few bits and pieces since Mum can't afford to get me a present, so she's letting me use a bit of my wage to get some supplies.

    So far I have two cards waiting on the shelf. I'm hoping more come tomorrow or Saturday! I should have at least five maybe six to come!

    She's also going to get the ingredients to make my birthday cake, YAY! Cake! Chocolate cake! I'm such a big kid!


    A strange request for anyone on my flist - Do any of you ever get takeaway pizza with those plastic 'pizza tables' in the box to stop the pizza getting squished? If so, could you maybe save me a couple and mail them to me? I would love you forever. In fact that goes for any crafty bits and bobs you don't wan't/need! ♥ But I really want a pizza table, I've seen a tutorial to make a neat little office chair with it! And no one in my family has even heard of a pizza table, let alone got any!

    Wish Lists

    Sep. 9th, 2007 11:22 am
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    Wish Lists for Dolls House items (Minimum World) - mainly for reference. All prices correct as of September 2007.

    Minimum World )

    smallDREAMS )


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