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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fun and merry Christmas and are looking forward to a happy, healthy and safe New Year.

I'm about to sit down and start on my Christmas Thank You letters, but before I do, I thought I'd pop on here and do my annual run down of Christmas. As usual, it'll be picture heavy so...

Thursday 19th December Mum and Dad travelled up to Biggleswade for a night babysitting. I covered the office and at night started on my Christmas baking. I made gingerbread men using Mary Berry's gingerbread house recipe and some basic vanilla shortbread type star and tree biscuits.

Friday 20th, they came home and the Biggleswade lot headed off for Euro Disney. I made chocolate covered marzipan balls.

Saturday 21st, I set too and finished decorating my cakes and biscuits.

Gingerbread was more like gingernuts at first, but softened after a few days.

Monday 23rd December was our food shopping day. We bought what we could in advance, but we still had all our fresh produce to buy and since the 23rd was payday, it had to be then that we went. We expected chaos, but really it wasn't too bad. Only one store was full of people shoving so that's a success in our book!

Christmas Eve is always a busy preparation day. I got up and made a start. I prepared the turkey, ensuring it was well coated with butter under and over the skin before smothering it in bacon to stop it drying out in the oven.

I also prepared the stuffing balls, sausage balls, chipolatas and pigs in blankets. We moved the tables around and I set them while Mum prepared the veg. I polished the cutlery while she washed the crockery. I arranged the chocolate plates for the coffee course and prepared the labels for my cheese. We cooked the Christmas ham and basically made sure everything was as ready as it could be before Christmas.

Turned the turkey on around 1:15am and went to bed.

Santa came!

About 5:30am Mum got up and turned the turkey off. By 6am I was up too. Mum sent me back to bed but I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up and started on my cheese board while Mum cooked the pork. I prepared the prawn cocktails and the pates. The Christmas pudding went on to steam and the veg went on to cook. Baths and make up happened at some point. And champagne drinking.

Dad went to pick Nan up around 12:30ish. And the Biggleswade lot arrived in decent time too. Pretty good since they got stranded on the ferry longer than planned!

Santa had left us table presents to open before our meal. The kids got colouring pads the grown ups got either mints, toffee or fudge and a scratchcard. I got toffee and won £10 on my card. We also had a quiz to do during the meal and I won - somehow.

The meal was lovely. It was such a lovely atmosphere the whole time. The only thing that would've made it better is if Jean and Ray had been here. This was the first time in a few years they were going to come but Jean injured her leg and can barely walk, let alone drive 50 miles. It's probably the first Christmas she hasn't been with Nan on Christmas morning to open their presents.

The kids were really well behaved, because it is a long time to be sat at a table. They did get to leave and open a few presents as we went along. And the dog was really well behaved with them. Especially since they poked her in the eye and stood on her tail. She simply came and laid under the table once she had had enough.

Once Nan's taxi picked her up we tidied the tables. Mum and I did the rest of the washing up while the others moved the tables to the side to make room for presents. The kids opened the remainder of theirs and then we put them to bed.

Then it was the adults' turn to open theirs. Lady too.

My present list this year is as follows:

From Mum and Dad: Prestigio Multipad 7.0 HD+ tablet, Doctor Who stamps with bonus poster, Doctor Who books, Colour Attract magnetic nail polish wand, Colour Attract Blue Attraction nail polish, Plum Illusion Mosaic Effect nail polish, Necklace, 258 piece mega art set, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Beowulf, and Dad's laptop to replace my dying one since he got a new one.

From Mum: A Ukulele set and a Glockenspiel set to share with Dad, but mostly I've claimed the Ukulele and he has claimed the Glockenspiel.

From Tandy and Charlie: Nail polish mini set and Kool Kitties to decorate (only when we opened the box the kitties were missing so Mum's taking it back to the store.)

From Lady: A teddy in a Christmas hoodie and a Miss Piggy bath set that smells like bubblebath.

From Nan: A bottle of Archers.

From James, Dawn, Dylan & Amy: Avon bath fizzers, sew lovely tape measure, chair placename holders that double as dollshouse chairs, owl jotter pad and a handbag.

From Sandra: Boots Lavender Mini Collection.

From Roger and Barbara: Baylis and Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit bath set.

From Jean and Ray: £50

From Patrick and Sarah: Body Shop olive shower gel and body butter.

From Duncan, Tish, Josephine and Anna: Two Sally Hansen nail polishes and a make up bag.

From Karen: Woodland Escape manicure set.

From Ailsa: Jug shaped vase.

From Allison: Earrings.

From Santa: Toffee, Scratchcard, bed socks, two bubble baths and a glam nail pack.

So many wonderful gifts.

Boxing day and they day after just seemed to fly by. Boxing day we had a buffet tea - cheese and onion hedgehog, cheese and pineapple hedgehog, mozzarella, basil and tomato hedgehog, cold meats, pork pie, salad, eggs, dips with breadsticks and veg sticks, smoked salmon pinwheels, Italian snack pack, new potatoes, those kind of things. It was nice.

And the sofa I had to sleep on this year is so much comfier than our old one. A good thing, I think, since I somehow managed to pull my shoulder and by Boxing Day night I could barely move it. It was so painful. I was patched up with two dragon balm plasters and two hot water bottle. Getting to sleep Boxing night was hard.

After the Biggleswade gang left I came down with the dreaded Christmas cold. What would Christmas be without us all being sick?

Tomorrow is New Years Eve. My plan is hopefully to prepare nibbles for the evening and play boardgames and SingStar - throats permitting. And then on New Years Day cook duck for Mum, Dad and I.
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